9 ideal Tips for Women to become better Entrepreneurs

Tips for Women Entrepreneurs
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While many lucrative fields and positions of power do not welcome women, Entrepreneurship is a field that does not discriminate. While it is probably the most daring career choice to make, entrepreneurship rewards competent dynamic individuals and is meritocratic in that sense. In the past decade, several women entrepreneurs have already been able to make a mark in the entrepreneurship ecosystem globally.

What if I say “Women are better entrepreneurs than men”? This statement can trigger a never-ending debate. But this has already been proven. According to First Round Capital, companies with a female founder performed 63% better than investments with all-male founding teams. On contrary, Harvard Business Review says, fewer than 5% of all VC-funded firms have women on their executive teams, and only 2.7% had a female CEO.

Tips for budding women entrepreneurs

So coming back to the main topic, I would like to list down a few tips for budding women entrepreneurs and especially for the young women who are aspiring to be starting their entrepreneurial journey.

1. Know the market

This requires a lot of reading and staying updated. You may need to get in touch with industry experts or established business people catering to the same market. Knowing your market has a lot to do with Economics, intuition, and good decision making.

2. Be resilient

Failures are a part of life in general, more so in Entrepreneurship.  You will encounter a lot of hurdles in your journey. Many battles will be lost before the war is won. However, (provided your ideas do seem profitable) it is important to recover from your failures and continue giving your best. Try different approaches, get creative. Sooner or later your efforts will be rewarded.

3. Public Speaking

Nearly all people in power have excellent oratory skills. They can shock, manipulate, appeal to, and appease the masses with just their words. This skill will come in handy when you aspire to make a living by selling a product or a service. There are well-established brands catering to nearly everything a person would need. To convince people you have something different or better to offer requires confidence and a way with words. You should know how to appeal to their emotions whilst remaining practical. It makes your sales pitch credible to investors as well.

4. Soft Skills

With highly literate graduates being unable to get a job, the significance of soft skills is being emphasised more and more in the past few years. We must realise we work with people, as part of a group, not in seclusion. We may be introverts but we can’t let that affect our ability to get along with our colleagues in a work sphere.

As women, it also becomes necessary to assert oneself without being arrogant. Women in managerial posts are often called “bossy” or “pushy”  when they dole out the same treatment as their male counterparts. One must develop a thick skin to such comments.

5. Get assistance

Women often like to handle everything and don