Interview with Devika Das – The Author of Mind Game

Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow us to introduce Devika Das, an award-winning author and poet. Her publishing journey commenced in 2016 when her first title ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ was published on Amazon Kindle. She is an IT professional and pursues her passion for acting by participating in plays and short films.


Here’s to our conversation with Devika,whilst keeping her book The Mind Game in context…

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Laffaz: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Writing happened by chance. I wrote my first poem at the age of 13 and since then creative writing has been a part of my life.

Laffaz: How and when you decided to write your first book?

The first title ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ was an outcome of a discussion with friends on the topic of marriage. In 2016, my friend urged me to publish my views in the form of a book. And so, I published it on Amazon Kindle.

Laffaz: Do you follow a specific work schedule for writing books?

There is no such schedule that I follow. But yes, I prefer to write in the early morning.

Laffaz: What is the genre of The Mind Game? Please provide quick synopsis.

The Mind Game is a self-help book that talks about being aware of your emotions in order to respond the current situation in the best way possible. Often, we feel overwhelmed with emotions and react rather than respond. It’s better to take control of the situation and live in the present.

Laffaz: How did you get the idea of writing The Mind Game?

I was disturbed reading about the increasing rate of suicide and depression in India. It made me wonder why people are forced to end their lives instead of being hopeful.

Laffaz: What was your objective of writing The Mind Game?

Mental health has been ignored for a long time in India. Just as we visit the doctor for regular body and health checkups, we must pay similar attention to our emotions and mental health too. Happiness is a choice and not at all difficult to accomplish.

Laffaz: What was your inspiration behind writing The Mind Game?

As I said, people losing interest in their lives was disturbing me. Life is beautiful and you must live it to the fullest.

Laffaz: Who should read the book or who are the target readers?

The book is suitable for readers of all age groups. It is a good pick for people looking forward to improving their daily life or building self-confidence.

Laffaz: What value does The Mind Game create or what are the takeaways for the readers?

It develops self-confidence and helps people realize the value of self-love, empathy, and self-esteem.

Laffaz: What do you like the most about The Mind Game? is there something exceptional?

I cannot pick and choose favorites from the book. Let the readers decide ?

Laffaz: What do you like least about The Mind Game?

I appreciate the feedback given by my readers – positive or negative. Until date, the book has been useful for my readers and I feel overwhelmed with their feedback.

Laffaz: Suppose you are making a movie based on The Mind Game, who will you cast and why?

I haven’t thought about it yet ?

Laffaz: How did you get The Mind Game published? Do you recommend your publisher to other authors?

The Mind Game is published by Blue Rose Publishers in New Delhi. They are into self-publishing and have reasonable and cost-effective packages. So, if you don’t wish to wait for 6 months (ie. The time taken by traditional publishers to approve your manuscript), then Blue Rose is quite affordable, and their quality of services are worth the investment.

Laffaz: As everybody says ‘A good reader is a good writer’. So, would you like to suggest something to the potential authors?

Reading gives you a wider perspective about a certain topic. I would suggest read every month and write at least 100 words daily to improve your writing skills. Practice makes a man perfect, so if you continue the habit of writing daily, it will hone your skills.

Over to you…

So that was our inspirational talk with Devika. We hope that you have found this conversation inspiring too. You can connect with her via her social media profiles…

Instagram: @authordevika

Twitter: @das_devika


If there is something that you wish to put forward like a question or suggestion, we are all ears to it!! Please put it into the comments section below ?

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