[Book Review] The Mind Game by Devika Das

It is a self-improvement book but not preachy. The book contains useful tips and tricks that can be implemented in our daily life to live happily.


Title: The Mind Game

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Author: Devika Das

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers, New Delhi

Publication Date: 07 July 2018

Edition: Paperback

Pages: 203

Price: ₹ 205.00

ISBN-13: 978-9387996618

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I am not a big fan of Self-Help books but there has been a lot of buzz on social media about this book.  So, I finally picked it up and I am glad that I read The Mind Game.

Before I begin my review, I’d like to give a brief about the book and the author, to give some context to those of you who are yet to read the book.


True to its title, the book helps us realise the difference between varied emotions. As humans, we are vulnerable and may not offer the desired response at all times. The book is well-researched and defines psychological concepts in a simple manner. Examples given in these book are quite relatable and we almost go through these situations most of the time.


Devika Das is an award-winning author and poet. Her publishing journey commenced in 2016 when her first title ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ was published on Amazon Kindle. She is an IT professional and pursues her passion for acting by participating in plays and short films.


The primary reason why I don’t prefer to read Self-Help books is that they become monotonous and very preachy. I don’t like listening to lectures. However, I was surprised with The Mind Game because of its storytelling. The book is not preachy at all. I could relate to the problems that have been mentioned in this book that we might undergo in our daily lives.

The book is divided into six sections, and if you want you can just read one section independently instead of reading the entire book. The language is simple and easy to understand. The author has not used superfluous fancy words and the length of each chapter is accurate to meet the attention span of modern readers.

The title is apt and each chapter begins with a befitting quote. Filled with simple points and varied theories this book provides a basic understanding of how the mind plays games ?

Section 1: Five Ultra Practical Steps to Emotional Mastery

Section 2: Analysing People

Section 3: Live Better With Less

Section 4: Go Happy, Go Lucky!

Section 5: Angry? Don’t be!

Section 6: A Happy Workplace

The author has used many quotes, psychological concepts, examples to explain the points in detail. The language is simple and understandable by readers of all age groups. The way the book is written, and topics are put forward is brilliant.


Well emotion is the key and a drive about everything we do! So this book tells us to conquer our emotions! Not just get detached but to acknowledge and cherish our emotions…not get trapped in it.

Emotional mastery is one of those subjects which is generally taken for granted by people. But this book covers various aspects like emotional intelligence, ways of leading a simple life, effective questioning, making first impressions, anger management, etc. which will help us lead a happy life.

My favorite topics from this book

1. “Only you can change your feelings and perceptions. Materialistic things and surrounding environments may serve as momentary distractions from what you feel, but they cannot change the way you feel. We always carry our feelings with us.”

Therefore, it is very important to feel your emotions, face them, control, protect and upgrade them. The more you try and understand what’s happening on the inside, the more you will be able reflect on the outside.

2. Everyone struggles with anger. Anger is a reaction to various things- people, situations, memories, personal issues, etc.

I could relate to this chapter, as I am one of those people who gets angry soon.

If you are a self-help book lover, then you must compulsorily try this one. This book highlights the basic things in life that are important and could not be more well explained in here. And if you are lost and looking for a book to show you the way, do pick this book up and give it a try because it won’t let you down.

Overall the best thing about the book is that it is just not about a single topic, rather it cover a huge range of issues and topics about a human psychology. Although like all the self-help books, these could be a little heavy sometimes. But this one is surely one of those practical self-help books which can be followed or to which you can relate to.


The book is a gem and one of its kind! It focuses on controlling our emotions healthily and conquering low self-esteem. The way in which the author has explained and convinced the reader about all psychology facts and theories is commendable! Using perfectly relatable real life instances, simple and understandable language and practical advices, this book proves to be the best self improvement guide for all age groups alike!

Divided into six sections, the book attempts to clarify all your doubts regarding your brain, thinking and mental stuff! With plenty of theories and instances, the deciphering of the theories becomes effortlessly easy!
Overall, it was a wonderful read and I would love to recommend this book to everyone!


I believe, you shouldn’t read The Mind Game in one sitting. Instead, you should absorb it thoroughly by implementing the simple yet effective ways taught in the book. Read each chapter slowly and in deep to understand the tips and tricks mentioned to master your emotions. The Mind Game is a perfect handbook as it covers a wide variety of topics – so you can read only the specific section in order to handle your current situation rather than reading the whole book in one go.

Over to you…

So that was my review of The Mind Game. If you have read the book, don’t forget to share your review in the comments below ?

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