[Book Review] Lahara: We Are One by Nuzhat Jahan

Title: Lahara ‘We are One’


Author: Nuzhat Jahan

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Publisher: Conscious Dreams Publisher, United Kingdom

ISBN-10: 1912551179

ISBN-13: 978-1912551170

Publication date: 30 June, 2018

Edition: Paperback, Ebook, Kindle

Pages: 200

Genre: Fiction, mystery, mysticism, young adult, adult fiction, fantasy, dreams

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Author website: nuzhatjahan.com


Lahara ‘We are One’ is a fictional book on dreams. Lahara the main character has the gift of dreams. She sees premonitions in her dreams before they happen in waking life.

About the Author

Nuzhat Jahan is a corporate lawyer and a writer by passion. She moved to London in 2017 to work on this novel where she was first published. Currently, the author resides in Auckland, New Zealand. But travels extensively globally to gather book research for the second book she is writing and to promote her first book Lahara ‘We are One’.

To know more about Nuzhat, please read her interview on Laffaz.

Writing Style

A memoir style writing. Lahara ‘We are One’ is written in first person. We learn about the characters only through the eyes of Lahara. The style is mysterious and sudden the story takes sharp turns. You are left with wondering what is next?

What I learnt?

How Lahara’s dreams comes true. We learn a lot about dream interpretation along the way with falling in love with the beauty of different cultures and religions. A well researched book. You will be entertained and learn a thing or two or a lot more.

My Reading Experience

The book has a similar style to ‘A Memoir of a Geisha’ and the modern spiritual journey of ‘The Alchemist’. The protagonist is a young female Muslim woman who is half Indian and Half Pakistani. A great cultural and spiritual blend with the strong message, regardless of your culture, race, creed, or religion, ‘We are One’.

How to read the book?

Read the book like a philosophical text. With a cup of coffee in hand to enjoy and smell the beautiful descriptions. You feel like you are transported into the story the way the story takes you into Lahara’s world.

For daily updates follow the author on Instagram: @nuzhat_jahan_bookauthor

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