JA Hotels & Resorts appoints Simarna Singh as the sustainability consultant

Simarna Singh JA Hotels & Resorts
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Dubai’s hospitality group JA Hotels & Resorts on Monday (2 March) announced that it has appointed Simarna Singh as the sustainability consultant. The 22-year old Singh, also an advocate for United Nations SDG 2030 is expected to take forward JA Hotels & Resorts’ current work to improve its sustainable practices. Singh under her role will also ensure that all properties in Dubai fulfil Dubai Sustainable Tourism strategy, and create educational events and programmes in which JA’s guests will participate.

JA is aiming to become UAE’s first single-use plastic-free first hotel group. The hospitality group previously partnered with Adidas Parley to repurpose plastic found during reef cleaning in order to implement food waste technology and eliminate plastic usage.

JA Resorts & Hotels’ CEO Anthony Ross in a statement published on Hotelier Middle East on Moday said…

“Sustainability is at the core of our brand and is also a primary concern for Dubai Government who are making great inroads on environmental issues. We are supporting the UAE Leaders vision and proactively doing all we can, as fast as we can, as these issues matter to us personally as well as to our guests.”

“We’ve got scores of people involved in all our sustainability efforts at the hotels and resorts but hiring Simarna is an important strategic decision to help us build on our successes so far and always strive for higher goals. Sim comes from the generation with the most to lose if we continue with unsustainable practices and as we’ve all seen with Greta Thunberg, sometimes the greatest drive and dedication comes from the youth.” Ross added

About Simarna Singh

Simarna is a graduate from Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, United Nations SDG advocate, founder of Sustainable Relationship Partners (Dubai), Future Sustainability Leader, Masdar (Abu Dhabi), and Business Development and Sustainability Ambassador of Coco Veda.

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