Jobs in UAE – Here’s everything you need to know

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UAE is a region with a high demand for skilled personnel. Over 75 percent of the workforce in the UAE is made of migrants from around the world. UAE’s rapidly growing sectors include the construction industry, real estate market, banking, and financial sectors. The demand for medical staff has also skyrocketed over the last few years, especially after COVID-19.

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All of this contributes to the influx of foreign workers. The remuneration for work depends on qualifications, experience, and language skills. Workers in the UAE can even earn more money than in the most developed countries of Western Europe.

The jobs in UAE give everybody a chance to enjoy the unique and mysterious East.

What you should know before moving to UAE?

The most popular towns in the UAE are Dubai and Abu Dhabi owning to their development, tourism, corporates, and technology startups. On top of this, these two regions have favorable climatic conditions.

The people in the country profess Islam and the Arabic language. Obviously, English has its own importance when it comes to new developments. It is difficult to find work in UAE without knowing these languages.

The 5-day workweek starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. The length of the working day is eight hours. At the moment, there is no income tax imposed in the country. The official currency is the dirham (AED), which is approximately equal to one-third.

Code of Conduct in UAE has certain features. There are religious prohibitions that must be observed without exception. For example, during Ramadan, when observant Muslims follow suit, you should not smoke, eat or drink in public because it is against religious sentiments. Particular attention is paid to clothes. She should not be outspoken and defiant.

There are significant advantages of living in the UAE – a well-developed education system, quality healthcare, and infrastructure. The average annual salary in the UAE is over $5,000 – a whopping monthly sum.

The main requirements for the candidates are:

  1. Excellent English communication, and knowing Arabic is advantageous.
  2. Relevant qualifications and work experience depending upon the position you apply for. Hospitality, Food and Beverages, and Tourism are the top industries.
  3. Ability to mingle with a multi-cultural team because UAE is a home for migrants coming from many other geographies US, UK, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and you name it.
  4. Strong soft skills including Time Management, Leadership, Networking, Risk Management, Strategic Thinking, Empathy, etc.
  5. Fulfill medical requirements.

Benefits of working in the UAE:

  • At present, there are no taxes, and the wages are paid in full.
  • Modern medicine and healthcare, are one of the best in the world.
  • With luxury living and the hot climate, adventurers can relax at sea all year round.
  • Professional work structure.
  • Experience in international projects across numerous sectors.

In addition, a particular advantage of employment in the UAE is the readiness of employers to take on additional functions to secure visas, medical insurance, transport, comfortable living, catering, and planned vacations.

Among the shortcomings of working in the UAE, we can mention strict laws and religious prohibitions. It should also be noted that permission for permanent residence and citizenship is quite complex. That is why some return to their own countries after a few years of working, but that is vital for the development of their country.

Thus, living and working in an Arabic country is profitable. The tax-free economy system in the UAE allows you to make as much money as you can till the time you stay there.

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