Khaled Talhouni – Ex-Wamda Managing Partner launches Nuwa Capital at Step 2020

Image info: Nuwa Capital’s Managing Partner Khaled Talhouni speaking at the Step 2020 Conference


After spending over 6 years at Wamda Capital, Khaled Talhouni left the organisation this month and launched Nuwa Capital on February 11 at the Step 2020 Conference. The $100 million fund launched in partnership with Saudi-based conglomerate Al Faisaliah Group, will target emerging markets in MENA including KSA and UAE; East Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.

Nuwa Capital aims to redefine the relationship between founders and capital by providing a founder centric approach. The fund brings together an unparalleled network across the GCC and the wider region, providing Nuwa portfolio companies unrivaled access to key markets and expertise.

The Nuwa network encompasses entrepreneurs behind some of the region’s most successful exits, with Tabby founder and ex-Namshi founder Hosam Arab, Tarjama founder Nour Al Hassan; Maktoob, Souq and Jabbar’s Hussam Khoury and Samih Toukan playing an integral role in supporting Nuwa Capital’s portfolio.

Khaled Talhouni, now the Managing Partner of Nuwa at the Step 2020 conference said…

“The ambition of the team at Nuwa Capital is to rewrite the book on how we think about Venture Capital in emerging markets. There exists at this moment an incredible opportunity to help build the next generation of disruptive companies that will come to define their respective industries and we at Nuwa along with our Partners are primed to lead this transformation,”

Core cognition behind Nuwa Capital

According to Talhouni, the regional startup ecosystem has witnessed explosive growth with a skyrocketing number of new startups coming into the market. Though the capital is more available, support for entrepreneurs to address the challenges of the market is still limited.

Recognizing the gap created by the lack of adequate and strategic support, Nuwa Capital has built its model to deliver a founder-led, value creation approach to venture investment. By placing seasoned entrepreneurs and operational partners at the core of the Nuwa Capital platform, the fund offers its network the ability to act as a true extension of the team, dedicated to delivering value to Nuwa Capital portfolio companies.

The fund will focus primarily on supporting exceptional founders and entrepreneurs operating in the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), Software as a Service (SaaS), Fintech and mobility and logistics segments.

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