Now you can listen to your WhatsApp voice messages before sending out

Ever since Facebook (now called Meta) has acquired WhatsApp, constant updates and improvement are being rolled out to address the concerns of the users. The company on Tuesday, in a tweet notified its users globally about its new feature that enables users to preview their voice messages before sending out to the recipients. The feature is available across all platforms including iOS, Android, and Web.


The ability to send out voice message without previewing is still available. But in order to preview the message, the user has to hold the ‘mic’ button and drag it vertically above to the ‘lock’ icon and keep recording the message. Once the user taps the ‘Stop’ button, she can tap the ‘Play’ button available to listen to the message. And finally, to send the message, the user can tap the ‘Send’ button.

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WhatsApp in a tweet on Tuesday denoted the update,

Here you can find instructions to preview voice messages before sending them out to the recipient.

WhatsApp has also recently launched interesting India-centric features for WhatsApp Pay for Indian users and promising more in the coming months.

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