MailGun integration and email automation

MailGun is a developer-focused email automation tool. It’s a full-featured, cloud-hosted email solution for managing email communication between your apps and websites. With this program, you’ll always know where your emails are and how they’re being stored and routed. There is also an API set available for integration. Is an integration service something you’ve thought about if you are a MailGun user? For one of the better choices available, check out the Deskree platform Deskree’s MailGun integration is simple, and it complies with a wide range of standards. It offers capabilities for email marketing, such as A/B testing, audience segmentation, and customization, to ensure that emails are delivered to the appropriate audience and successfully engage recipients.


Email automation: what is it and how does it work?

Email automation is essentially the same thing as what it sounds like: it automates the sending of messages through your email applications. However, it is essential to highlight that email automation and transactional emailing are not the same things. This difference is vital to keep in mind.

Transactional emails, also known as triggered emails, are sent in response to a certain action taken by a user, such as making a purchase. Instead of being initiated by the recipient, automated emails are sent out automatically based on a set of parameters, such as the passing of a given amount of time or the arrival of a specific date. Emails commemorating subscriber birthdays, account payment reminders, automatic onboarding emails, monthly requests for feedback or surveys, and email surveys or feedback requests are some examples of automated emails.

The demand for efficiency may be satisfied through email automation, which maintains a constant and straightforward sending process. If you set up an automated system to send a welcome email to all of your new clients, you may save time and effort by writing and sending only one message instead of a dozen or a hundred. That means you can spend more time improving other parts of your email client and providing satisfactory service to your customers through well-written and efficient emails.

Features that make Mailgun worth use

Mailgun provides a full email service in the cloud, allowing you to send, receive, and monitor emails sent by your web and app resources. You will always be aware of the destination of your emails thanks to the clever inbound routing and storing capabilities offered by the system. Among other benefits are:

  • The software utilized by Mailgun automatically automates the delivery process, increasing the likelihood that your emails will be received in the recipient’s inbox. You will always be aware of what has occurred to every email sent with the help of the API control panel.
  • Every Mailgun domain functions as an independent sub-account that has its own sending queue and rating. Your transactional emails will not be buried behind your newsletters if you do it in this manner.
  • With Mailgun’s recipient variables functionality, you can easily customize all of your emails to each individual user. In addition, image URLs can be provided to further customize the overall appearance of the email.
  • With Mailgun’s clever inbound routing and storage, you can store incoming messages and route them straight into your inbox or application. While spam filters remove unsolicited emails, email parsing transforms the contents of your messages into structured data that is simple to analyze.

Also, Mailgun’s monitoring and analytics tools allow you to generate reports based on your data as well as conduct A/B testing. Logs that are searchable ensure that you are always aware of what is taking place with your emails.

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