#MeToo – Cause or Just Another Brick in Modern-Day Feminism

#MeToo - Cause or Just Another Brick in Modern-Day Feminism
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The #metoo movement began in the USA when allegations against Harvey Weinstein sparked a series of allegations against other powerful and influential celebrities. For the few amongst us who are unaware of what the movement is about, basically, victims of harassment show solidarity by sharing their stories. They do so by using the hashtag #metoo. This not just takes away the shame associated with confessing to having been assaulted, it also safeguards people by punishing the culprit, and helps victims recover from their bad experience.

More recently, it has taken our nation by storm, when actor Tanushree Dutta accused actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. After Tanushree Dutta’s confession, numerous celebrities joined in and shared their stories of harassment. This brought to light many sex offenders who had been getting away with their deeds for ages. Many of the accused have used their power and influence to file defamation cases against their accusers.

The debate surrounding the movement

Those in favor…

As mentioned earlier, such movements take away the shame and stigma that surrounds a victim of sexual harassment. It encourages one to speak up without the fear of mockery or threats. Indian women, even at this day and age, are subject to so much inequality and discrimination in their personal and professional lives. Issues such as harassment or assault are just swept under the rug, to ensure influential sex offenders don’t face any hurdles for their actions.

Thanks to the #metoo movement, a lot of criminals have been called out for their deeds. They have been shamed publicly and even been given fitting punishments. Many archaic and redundant laws have been revised to suit the needs of the present environment. Special emphasis has been put on women’s safety at the workplace, due to the numerous work-related harassment stories that came to light.

Although such radical changes and the excessive media coverage of the same may get in the way of our mundane lives, this movement ought to be viewed as a mere phase that will bring us closer to equality, freedom, and justice.

Those against…

While it may seem like nothing bad could come out of a movement like this