Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan Accused him for Domestic Violence & Extra Marital Affairs

Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan reportedly accused her husband of physically assaulting her and having extra-marital affairs after returning from South Africa tour last month. Here is how the complete story goes like.


Allegations by Mohammed Shami’s Wife Hasin Jahan

Married to Mohammed Shami since 2014, Hasin Jahan shared a series of her husband’s screenshots of conversations with multiple women on Messenger and Whatsapp in her Facebook page on Tuesday. She uploaded photos and phone numbers of the women too. However, the account has now been deleted. But, the trollers didn’t fail to download and tweet the content earlier uploaded by Hasin Jahan. Still, the content is revolving around Twitter.

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She has been saying that he has also married a Pakistani girl and went to see her while returning from the South Africa tour. But once, when Hasin asked Shami to take her to Dharamsala along with him, he simply refused. Jahan also claimed that she found some male contraceptives hidden in his BMW car.

Hasin Being Intolerant About Husband

Shami’s wife has now lodged an official complaint with Kolkata Police alleging that Shami and members of his family have been physically and mentally torturing for. She is facing domestic violence since last two years. His mother and brother used to abuse her and had even tried to kill her. She also added that Mohammed Shami has beaten her after his return from the recent South Africa tour.

Hasin Jahan, In An Interview With ABVP News

Hasin told to ABP News that she tried to convince herself for the sake of her family and daughter but he kept on harassing her. But all hell broke when she found those obscene chats with multiple women. She then decided to take legal actions with all the available evidence. However, Jahan’s lawyer Zakir Hussain said that she is still hoping that Shami would change before taking any legal action.

She said, “Shami abused me and started beating me even after returning from South Africa. He has been doing this for quite some time now and I have had enough. I tried to convince myself for the sake of my family and daughter but he kept on harassing me; and when I found those obscene chats with multiple women, all hell broke. I cannot tolerate this anymore and I have decided to take legal actions with all the available evidence. Instead of accepting his own mistakes, he used to vent his anger on me and even threaten me, asking to keep mum for my own goodwill”.

Mohammed Shami Simply Denied The Allegations

However, on Wednesday, Mohammed Shami, in a Facebook post, denied the allegations, saying that the news being circulated is totally false and calling it a conspiracy and an attempt to destroy his reputation and game.

Shami wrote, “Hi. I’m Mohammad Shami.”
“Ye jitna bhi news hamara personal life ke bare may chal raha hai, ye sab sarasar jhut hai, ye koi bahut bada humare khilap sajish hai or ye mujhe Badnam karne or mera game kharab karne ka kosis ki ja rahi hai,” Shami added.

Mohammed Shami is not listed in Annual Player Contracts

He is currently playing in the Deodhar Trophy for India. The Bengal pacer has represented India in 30 Tests, 7 T20s and 50 ODIs. Mohammed Shami did not find his name in the Annual Player Contracts announced by BCCI on Wednesday owing to the allegations leveled against him for domestic violence and adultery by his wife Hasin Jahan.

Wadda you say?

Shami, an Indian Pacer, has been recently alleged by his wife for being intolerant of his lawless actions and the extra-marital affair. Mohammed Shami’s wife has also taken legal action against him. However, Shami has simply denied all the allegations.

It would be excited to find now whether all these allegations against Shami are true or if it is an unethical conduct to defame him.

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