An Interview with Naveed Qazi – Author of The Trader of War Stories

Naveed Qazi The Trader of War Stories
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Today we would like to take pleasure in publishing this interview with the Kashmiri novelist Mr. Naveed Qazi in context to his book The Trader of War Stories. We came up with the following series of questions to create absolute relevancy with the author and the title.

So here is how it goes like…

Q1. Please tell us something about yourself.

My Name is Naveed Qazi. I am a Kashmiri, currently living in Srinagar. I have been writing columns and blogging for around nine years.

I graduated with MSc International Business from UK based University of Hertfordshire in 2012, and after that, worked briefly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Besides self-publishing my debut novel, ‘The Trader of War Stories (ISBN:978-1984210524)’, I have also compiled an anthology of my newspaper columns and unpublished essays titled ‘Musings on Global Politics’.

Q2. What is the genre of the Trader of War Stories? Please provide the quick synopsis.

The Trader of War Stories is a political thriller. The narrative takes places in different conflict zones around the world. It is centered on a life of a war correspondent, usually protagonist’s span of twenty-five years.

It is fiction, inspired by real-life events. It is a geopolitical thriller and has 23 chapters, including a prologue and an epilogue. It is written mainly in the first person.

The plot summary on the cover goes as:

“Chasing his careerist dreams, Italian British correspondent Matteo Costello comes to terms about living in an amoral world where wars and disorder exhibit power and control.

Being transferred to Beirut from London to cover stories for his agency, he witnesses each year passing by in violent revolutions inciting bloodshed and a sense of humanity perceives in him.

As he manifests himse