Navigating Family Legal Matters in Australia

In Australia, family law covers a broad spectrum of legal matters about duties and relationships within families. It addresses issues including property settlements, spousal support, child custody, adoption, divorce, and marriage.


With a focus on getting help from nearby Melbourne family lawyers like Tonkin Law, this post seeks to clarify family law issues in Australia.

Families in Melbourne who are having legal issues can turn to Tonkin Law for expert advice and representation. With years of expertise and a thorough understanding of Australian family law, Tonkin Law has made a name for itself in the legal community by providing clients with specific and caring care.

Marriage and Divorce

The Marriage Act of 1961, which explains the legal necessity for marriage and the divorce process, governs marriage in Australia. You must prove there is no achievable chance of reconciliation and have been separated for at least 12 months to file for divorce. If necessary, a local Melbourne family lawyers can represent your interests in court and help you understand the legal process.

Child Custody and Support

One of the most bitter parts of family law cases is the focus on child custody plans. In Australia, the greatest interests of the child are taken seriously when making decisions about custody and visits, as the welfare of the child is given top priority. If needed, local family lawyers in Melbourne, like Tonkin Law, can help parents settle custody agreements and mediate disputes through mediation or legal action. They can also assist you in knowing your responsibilities and rights regarding paying child support.

Property and Financial Settlements

Making sure there is a fair split of property and assets is crucial in the divorce or separation process. This covers financial assets like bank accounts, investments, and retirement, in addition to touchable assets. The Australian court divides property in a “just and equitable” manner, taking into account the financial contributions of each party, their future needs, and the upbringing of any children, among other considerations. A family lawyer can represent you in negotiations or court cases and assist you with knowing your rights and duties about property settlement. Families in Melbourne who are having legal issues turn to Tonkin Law for expert advice and representation.

Domestic Violence and Family Law

The grave problem of domestic violence can have a big effect on family law cases. The Family Law Act of 1975 provides some protections for victims of domestic abuse, including protection orders. In certain states, this order is known as an intervention order. A family lawyer can assist you by explaining your legal options and supporting you through the process of seeking protection if you are a victim of domestic abuse.


Family lawyers in Melbourne who work locally, like Tonkin Law, can offer you the advice and defense you need to handle these difficult times. Getting legal advice at the outset of any permitted matter, be it divorce, child custody, property rights, or home abuse, will help protect your rights and ensure the best possible result for you and your family.

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