NOMOS Glashutte’s latest watch pieces updates

The birth of NOMOS in 1990 gave this large watch company from Germany a break to release classic timepieces that will compete with other luxury watch brands. It stays on its foot designing classic style yet technologically advanced wristwatches. People who love minimalist designs especially entrepreneurs appreciate the simple aesthetics of NOMOS Glashutte.


The year 2021 releases of NOMOS made some upgrades in their collections, Tangente and Metro to name a few. As everyone knows, these two models are considered top of the line of this German watch because of their incredible and alluring features. Let’s take a look at their iterations that wowed the patronizers of NOMOS watches.

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NOMOS Tangente Neomatik 41 Update

The NOMOS Tangente has been one of the company’s best-selling models for the previous 25 years. This clock has found success thanks to its assertive design, which has also garnered multiple honours for its inventors. The design-led to a large amount of influence, particularly in the Bauhaus art aficionados.

At present, it emerged with an upgrade once again after the release of the Tangente Neomatik 41 Update in 2018 with its in-house caliber 6101 movements. For this year’s iteration, Tangente Update now comes with a new dial colour which is midnight blue but with the same 6101 movements.

What makes this watch alluring is the ring date that even Metro has. But with its upgrade, the inserts are now in flashy luminous neon green. You can see the date even in the dark. With the midnight blue colour, of course, the markers appear in light grey to blend the colours for more visibility. The Neomatik logo, however, comes in brown. Besides the new dial colour, it is still available in the previous silver-plated dial.

With its 35.2mm movement size, the case came up to 41mm to accommodate it. The 6101 movement is also responsible for the mechanism of the date display right outside the dial. Aside from these features, Tangente Neomatik 41 Update carries a 42-hour power reserve, 50m water resistance, sapphire crystal, and black leather strap.

NOMOS Metro Neomatik 41 Update

As mentioned above, the Neomatik in-house 6101 movements are released through the Tangente model. It features a slender movement that you can set the date forward and backwards. The 2021 release of the Metro model now comes with the same movement. At the same time, the dial has some changes too.

NOMOS Metro has come a long way after its introduction in 2014 Baselworld. After years of iterations, it now has a size of 41mm as it houses the 35.2mm 6101 movements. It now has an outer track from the dial which happens to be the ring date indicator. The colour of the date markers here is in bold orange.

This patent technology of date display is operated easily by moving it forward and backwards. Although there are upgrades, the key features are still present such as the small seconds sub-dials, syringe-style hands, and the alternating circles encircling the inner region of the dial.

The ring date indicator comes out of the conventional date aperture and therefore leads to a clear view of the clock. In addition, this watch has a grey textile strap for added comfort and a white silver-plated dial. NOMOS Metro Neomatik 41 Update can go deep down in the water with its 50m water resistance and a power reserve of 42 hours.

NOMOS Club’s New Colors

One of the most popular watches NOMOS makes is the Club Campus. Why? Being a gift symbolizes an important principle of watch lovers. This collection also promotes the watch as a graduation gift, naming it as the “Graduate’s Club.”

At the Watch and Wonders trade show in Germany, NOMOS has been able to invest in reviving their Club Campus, creating two sizes and two new hues – orange and grey. The firm has gone the extra mile by introducing two completely new dial colours with their respective names: Meet Future Orange and Absolute Gray.

Absolute Grey is designed to evoke the impression of having spent months of homeschooling – which is admittedly a depressing option – but other elements provide a more upbeat tone. Daybreak is symbolized by the purple and orange highlights, which are a hint of good things to come. Future Orange, on the other side, is associated with new beginnings, such as the sun rising and the future.

NOMOS uses both Arabic and Roman numeral markings in the dial. This collection’s four timepieces are available in two sizes: 36mm and 38mm. There are minor differences between the two sizes, most notably in the Absolute Gray model. Purple surrounds and light grey/blue minute markers are featured on the 38mm model, while orange surrounds and orange minute markers are included on the 36mm model.

All models come with an empty closed case-back and are available to be personalized, in keeping with the Club Campus concept. Per request and free of charge, you can engrave a special message to your graduate. The brand’s well-known Alpha movement is featured in the new NOMOS Club Campus Models and is available with either a gray or black leather strap.

Final Say

As NOMOS goes a long way, it continues to upgrade its features to bring the best of the best watches therein their collections. They may not have complicated dial designs but the clean watch display only made its watch fans drawn to it. After all, we want to look at the time visibly to track our activities and schedules. Besides, a lot of people are after simple things and uncomplicated designs.

This year’s iterations of their collections in the Watch and Wonders event only prove its technical advancements never fail to amaze the watch industry. Thus, it earned more admiration from watch enthusiasts and who knows, another award coming for their line of wristwatches.

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