Oman Arab Bank (OAB) conducted a workshop with Injaz Oman to Support Young Entrepreneurs

Oman Arab Bank (OAB) conducted a workshop with Injaz Oman to Support Young Entrepreneurs
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▸ Injaz Oman is a non-profit organisation that hosts a spectrum of educational workshops to help young individuals of Oman build entrepreneurial skills

One of its CSR moves, OAB conducted a workshop with Injaz Oman to support the youth of Oman by preparing students for the labour market, helping them develop entrepreneurial skills, enhance their financial knowledge and leadership abilities – in the long-term aiding in the development of Oman’s economy.

The lecture was organised as part of an Injaz Oman initiative, with OAB acting as an industry expert. The presentation held at Knowledge Oasis explored why the pricing was so important, the different pricing strategies, and business control.

Commenting on the workshop, Hilal Al Siyabi, Head of Corporate Communication at OAB, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Injaz Oman on this workshop. At OAB, we understand the importance of developing and diversifying not only our knowledge-based economy but the country’s economy as a whole.”

Throughout the workshop, students learned why pricing is so important to their business and were exposed to pricing strategies, along with other relevant areas to develop students’ business knowledge. The OAB lead seminar exposed students to real-life case studies in Oman to give them practical knowledge that can be implemented in their businesses.

“We aim to educate and inspire the youth of Oman by combining theoretical learning with real-life applications to aid students with the development of their businesses. By partnering with OAB, we allow students to learn from today’s challenges and provide them with the tools to develop their business and contribute to Oman’s economy,” stated Azzan Al Busaidi, Operations Manager in Injaz Oman.

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