Padman Movie – Powerful Impact on Society and Orthodox Mentality

Padman Movie - Powerful Impact on Society and Orthodox Mentality
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Today, I would like to reflect my view on the real sufferings of girls and women in India in context with the Padman movie and the brilliant work the movie did.

We all know that a mother is considered to be the most sacred and pious person on earth, a wife is the most lovable and affectionate woman for her husband, a daughter is the best gifts for the parents and a sister is what a brother always wishes for.

Not only that, A woman contributes to the society in every aspect. Be it social, political, commercial or household work; a woman stands on the top at every assigned job. Be it delivering a political speech or managing a company as the CEO, be it a social movement or be it managing the house, be it earning for the family or be it feeding the children; it’s a woman who succeeds to accomplish every possible task.

On one side where today we acknowledge that a woman is no way inferior to man, there exists another patriarchal society where women are still dominated. A woman somewhere is still beaten up every day by her drunk husband, somewhere she is being made an object of sex, in many other places she is still kept restricted within set boundaries and not allowed to follow her passion, her dreams, her life goals and often not granted the rights that a normal citizen is entitled to.

A Brief about PADMAN

Padman movie directed by R.Balki, consisting of cast Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor is the big hit in B-town.

The movie stands appropriately in every aspect highlighting the stigma attached to women in small villages where they are scared as hell to even talk about the natural phenomenon that occurs inside every woman’s body.

The movie portrays the ill-treatment meted out to women in those 5 days when they are not allowed to stay in their own rooms and are isolated in some other place which is specially made for women. Also, they are not allowed to stay in contact with their husbands considering it impure.

The lack of education

Although, today India has grown to a different level in terms of development and better lifestyle there are a number of aspects on which the country still lacks.

The major one according to me is “lack of education”.

People in small villages consider the menstrual cycle to be an unhygienic and impure phenomenon. They think it’s something wrong and absurd that happens to a woman’s body.

All this is because they do not know the actual reason why a woman suffers from periods. Due to lack of knowledge, these people strengthen their orthodox beliefs and resort to measures such as isolating the victim.

The lack of successful campaigns

Villagers strengthen their orthodox beliefs and fail to understand the practical reason behind any such phenomenon.

Today there are a lot of NGO’