Polish citizenship by descent – Is it simple to obtain it?



The current legal regulations stated in the Act on Polish citizenship say that citizenship is passed via the right of blood from one generation to the next and it also applies to the ones of Polish origin who were born abroad but still do not have their citizenship confirmed. An individual whose ancestors were born in Poland or its former territories and resided there after the 20th of January 1920 probably qualifies for Polish citizenship by descent. In such a case, it is crucial to prove his eligibility for it during research across the archives and take part in the confirmation process which may take shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the case.

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In today’s article, we would like to show you who can apply for Polish citizenship and what kind of requirements a foreigner has to fulfil. Stay with us for a while!

Eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent

According to Polish law, citizenship by descent is one of the common ways of becoming a fully-fledged citizen of Poland. As you probably know, it can be passed to an individual from his parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents. The problem may arise when it comes to foreigners who were born abroad but are pretty sure their ancestors once held Polish citizenship. Before you decide to start the whole process, you have to check it first.

What do we mean by saying that?

To apply for Polish citizenship through ancestry, you need to have at least one Polish ancestor and confirm he did not lose his citizenship on the way. We have encountered some cases where it happened. That’s why it is important to find any evidence of your origin before lodging a motion in the appropriate institution.

The question is – How to confirm eligibility for Polish citizenship by descent?

Of course, there is no need for you to do it on your own. Polish Citizenship Experts are here to help you. They will not only assess your case individually but also conduct research across archives in Poland and not only. They will ask you many questions that allow them to find the truth about your origin. If you have any documents, such as the birth or marriage certificates of your family members, great for you! The evidence you have may be helpful in such cases.

You can check Five To Europe – https://fivetoeurope.com/services-we-offer/ to find out more about Polish citizenship confirmation.

Is it simple to obtain Polish citizenship by descent?

Poland has many archives with interesting documents and records in it which means research on citizenship allows the Experts to find valuable information. If you are wondering how long research takes, we cannot give you a straight answer on that. The complexity of your case is the main factor that can shorten or lengthen it. Sometimes it is also needed to conduct research across European countries which takes time, for sure.

Once the outcome is positive, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is lodge a motion in the Voivodeship Office and wait for a final decision. After confirming your origin, the Polish citizenship application process is just a formality. You will be issued a Polish citizenship certificate soon and get a chance to start a new life.

As a fully-fledged citizen of Poland, you also become a European citizen. Do not forget to get a Polish passport and register your children. If you would like to, they can also take part in the confirmation process to gain the same rights as you. When it comes to your spouse the situation is slightly different. By saying that, we mean it is not possible to become a citizen of Poland by marriage. However, the spouse of a Polish citizen gets equal rights to reside and work within Europe, based on the fact she or he is married to a Polish citizen. The spouse is also eligible to apply for a spouse visa that will allow him or her to freely reside in Europe.

As you may probably see, holding Polish citizenship and citizenship of your country of birth is advantageous. The confirmation process might be complicated if you are still unsure of your background but when it finally comes to an end, you will get more benefits than you could ever think about. It is all about a deep analysis of your case!

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