Common questions people ask about the girl in an arranged marriage

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Getting married has some butterfly feeling to it, and these feelings are multiplied when you have to meet a girl from the marriage perspective. Arranged marriages are difficult to arrange, but the NRI marriage bureau USA have lots of option for Indian girls. Although it is a tough task, it is excellent to know what you need to tell and ask a girl you want to marry. Of course, you are never to be asked a funny question for which you will be judged. Some of the questions you may ask to know your would-be better half well or know whether she is the one.

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Questions about her choice of clothing

As clothes are the most exciting subject for girls, it is also essential as these are things which might change after a wedding, especially in Indian families. If your family is traditional or conservative, but the girl is the opposite, then it could be difficult for your family and her to gel up. But, do be stubborn be generous while listening to her and making her comfortable.

Questions about her current lifestyle

Social media is one of the commonplace. Talk about this or her favourite pastime and interests. This is the best way to know whether she is an extrovert or an introvert. Notice every tiny detail as it helps you know her well, and it could act as a deciding factor, do not go over the board with your questions as you are not taking an interview. Be gentle and kind with your words as she is also noticing you.

What are her expectations for life? 

Discuss future expectations and planning. If she is working so what are her plans after the wedding. Every girl likes it if her life partner asks her views on marriage or future planning. So, if you meet a girl for the first time, ask her to take over marriage and its rituals. This is the necessary topic, as it would help you understand her thoughts process better.

Duties and responsibilities towards her parents

This question is a big thing to talk about, but it would undoubtedly clear many doubts you might have. It would help to know, if a girl has any financial responsibilities towards her parents, she would like to fulfil even after the wedding, just like you.

Talk about finances

Financial matters are essential after marriage and could be a reason for conflict, so it is always better to view a girl over this. It also attracts a girl. UK NRI matrimonial has many profiles of independent girls who want to explore the world with you.

Questions about education

During discussions related to arranged marriages, inquiries about a girl’s education are common and carry significant weight. These questions delve into her educational journey, career aspirations, and intellectual pursuits, serving as a window into her personality and values. The level of education she has attained can be seen as a reflection of her independence, ambitions, and worldview. Answers to these questions not only provide insights into her compatibility with a potential partner but also help families assess shared goals and interests. In this context, education is often considered a fundamental aspect influencing the dynamics and success of an arranged marriage.

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Some of the funny questions which you need to avoid

Here is a list of questions, which our women readers are labelled as destroyed for the first meeting. Therefore, boys learn the lesson well:

  • Do not talk about the boyfriends as it may irritate a girl
  • What is your blood group
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