Priya Varrier – The Girl who became Internet Sensation with just a Wink

One must have to be living under a rock to be oblivious to one of the first viral memes in 2018, that of a charming young lady wiggling her eyebrows to a fellow classmate. While the two shared a coy moment, the social media community rejoiced her spunk and swag. Here’s our take on the overnight popularity of Priya Varrier who appeared in the priya varrier Malayalam song Oru Adaar.


Harmless Flirting

Not all flirting results in a long-term relationship or sexual harassment allegations. Sometimes flirting is fun and harmless. In their quest to remain decent and vigilant, men and boys forget women like light-hearted flirting too.

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Through her facial expressions, she conveyed possible romantic interest, friendly banter, being coy yet classy, mischief behind an innocent facade and what not. Her expressions were nothing less than that of a highly acclaimed artist. Yet it also had a message that people often overlook, girls like flirting too!

The Empowered Woman!

Priya displayed a side of women that not many had witnessed first hand. In the few seconds of that video, she was carefree and bold. She took the initiative of flirting with the guy rather than burdening him with having to have all the courage and making the first move. She winked with pizzazz and smirked with playful mischief.

An empowered woman owns up to her feelings whether serious or casual. An empowered woman flirts brazenly without fear of being labeled a slut. An empowered woman embraces a moment to be coquettish in an otherwise platonic friendship. Priya was truly an empowered woman.

The Sexualization of everything female

While Priya Varrier herself must have done the winking without much thought, the interpretations of her deed are numerous. A vast majority are jokes about “Sakht laundas” who finally gave in, yet quite a few hints at sexual connotations.

While I try my best to refrain from appearing as a feminazi, what really gets me is how highly sexualized the image of a female is. It is this perspective that gives the dirty “double meaning” to all things innocent. It is this line of thought that keeps women from making the first move. Fear of being misinterpreted and having to pay a massive price for it.

When marketing meets Social media

The whole video can be seen as a metaphor for the flirtatious exchange between marketing and social networks. While many memes went viral solely on the basis of their humor or appeal, many were forcefully shoved down viewers’ throats for marketers to have their way.

The Priya Varrier video spoke to the souls of many kindred spirits, yet it could have been the work of a clever salesman who wants to quickly market maybe a movie or a fictional couple, to make easy money and create hype around a trivial matter.

In Conclusion

Just like any trending phenomena the Priya Varrier memes, tell a lot about us as a society rather than a dig at people specifically targeted. It shows the public perspective and sentiment. It shows our attitude towards a school girl with guts to wink and our naivety to fall for everything our social media feeds feed us. Hopefully, many girls across the country must have perceived the series of expression which they need to replicate this Valentines day 🙂

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