How to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day uniquely

This might not be the first time Valentine’s day on the verge and definitely not the first time that you are in a dilemma what to do for your someone special. Isn’t it? In this virtually real world, everyone tries to do something different, do something unique and even after so many efforts, it ends up being a cliché.

So without even bothering to be distinct from others, let’s look at some ideas that give you ways to make simple and sober gestures different with a twist.

1. An alternative to Flowers

Just in case you feel that flowers are overrated and over pricey, go for something else to gift your partner. If you think your partner is open-hearted or logical, gift him or her a plant, or a herb. And tell him or her that just like the plant, you will nurture your relationship every day and make it grow. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

2. Know each other by playing word games

If your love is still in initial phases and you think you don’t know enough about your bae and don’t want to overdo things since it’s too early for all of that and do not want to do too much, play a word game, probably a scrabble (only if your partner finds it interesting :P).

Not just that, whatever new word comes up, tell a memory from your past, something that the word reminds you of. This way you’ll get to know each other in no time! Also, the pain of so many formal dates will be saved.

3. Reverse your Roles

If your relationship is going through a rough patch, for instance, if your marriage or long-term relationship is strained, this is one of the best ways to resolve issues. Try and meet each other, spend the day with each other alone but by reversing your roles!

Fulfill responsibilities of your partner or at least try to. Try and learn what your partner does at work. Do a bit of what you understand. This will come out as a great exercise for both of you because how to understand each other better if not by stepping into other person’s shoes.

It might happen that you develop a new found respect for your better half!

4. Bring in a small change

Wondering that your partner might not be paying attention to you, or even worse might be losing interest in you? The good news is there’s a chance to win back the attention of your beau.

Want to know how? Simple. Change one thing about you and surprise them. Do something they had always asked you to do or change but you were reluctant to. After all, a small change never hurts! Rather it will make them, feel special again. For instance, just change your hairstyle, wearing their favorite color or wear something the other might love. A little adjustment here and there might change how he or she looks at you. And you might even start liking it yourself.  

5. Adventure is worthwhile

If you can afford to take a day off ( which you should for your partner), go for some thrill and adventure. Because some extra adrenaline always helps. If both of you drool for adventure, this is exactly the time.

Go for paragliding or some trekking. It will teach you to rely on your consort and also bring in the essence of working and staying together.

6. Seek Refuge!

Go and seek a refuge where there is no internet and no social media. Spend some time with each other and not with your respective phones. It will especially help in case your partner thinks you are too much into your phones. Try and create memories not selfies. Just try and spend as much quality time with each other as possible.

Over to you

You may think some of these ideas are not meant to be for you. No problem, just try another. It is not what you do exactly but with what intention you have and the love you want to show. Do share this with your loved one and your friends and everyone who might find this helpful. Also, if you are reading this article post-Valentine’s day, then do share how you spent your Valentine’s day in the comments section below.

Happy Valentine!

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Nikita Gaur
Nikita Gaur

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