Types of Love and Lovers – All You Need to Know

Love is a sword which for some proves to be a weapon for victory while for some it can be the reason for their demise. It is the strongest emotion that has power to create revolutions, maybe positive or even negative.


To fall in love is special, but to stay in love is even more special.

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Types of love

Necessarily love cannot be portrayed just between a guy and a girl. It is an intense emotion which you can feel for anyone.

Heart does not follows anyone’s instructions.

Love for parents


Parents are said to be the first love of every child. A girl falls for her dad and a guy falls for her mom the day they are born. This love is uncontaminated, is pious and depicts sacrifice. Parents do sacrifice a lot for their kids as they grow each day. From fulfilling each of our demands by cutting off their daily and necessary needs, they truly do the best for us.

Parents are incarnation of God on earth.

Love for animals


Animals are yet another most adorable species which most of us fall for. To play with them, to run after them or do the most stupid activities makes many of us happy.

For people who have lost trust in humans and have suffered emotional break down ever, consider animals to be their closest friends since only they are the ones who would never hurt them or make them cry, they are the only ones who do not demand for anything in return except love, care and attention.

Not humans but animals do support at times of distress.

Love for passion


You need not necessarily fall in love for an actual living body. Love for cooking, love for reading, for travelling, dancing, painting and many many more all do come under the same category. Things that you never want to stop doing, things that make you forget time and even make you smile are the things that you truly fall for. It can be your passion on any thing on earth you desire to attain like hell bad.

Passions are not to be looked down at, they are to be fallen for.

Love for that special one


Love is the best feeling in the world. Everyone aspires to have that one person on whom we can solely rely on, in whose list of priorities we are always ranked as number 1, who stands by our side in situations of pleasure, contentment and also in cases of emotional break down.

Love is a feeling, it’s your lover which turns it into an emotion.

Types of lovers

Love makes you blind and also at times you are unable to distinguish between the right and wrong. There are even many different types of lovers as categorized under.

Overtly passionate lovers


Love is a deep down emotion and can never be forced upon. Some overtly obsessed people fail to realize the fact. They take rejection to their own ego and further try wrong means to attain the person they claim to love. They consider that the person they love is their sole property and they can mishandle or even traumatize them to fulfill their desires.

Such idiots should be banished or should learn to accept that things don’t always follow as per your desires.

Love is no game or a battle to be fought, it’s rather a feeling to be experienced.

One- sided lovers


Not everyone is lucky enough to acquire what they want, Not everyone one is lucky enough to be loved back by the person they love, not everyone is lucky enough to even receive the attention they desperately desire from someone and not everyone is lucky enough to share their feelings with the one they want to.

One sided love is painful, not to be loved back by the person you gravely want is tragic and even hard to accept.

For some love means happy beginning, for others it’s a tragic ending.

Silent lovers


To fall in love in easy but to confess it is not a piece of cake. It requires courage to even accept the fact. Many people who do not have the pluck to accept rejection often end up confining their feelings to themselves. They fail to open their mouth up loud to confess that they do love someone. Such people silently stare and care the person they feel fall and in most cases they end up losing the person they love.

Rejection is no punishment. It is always better to atleast try than to repent not trying at all.

Love realizes no flaws

Love at first sight- it’s when you fall for someone without actually knowing much about the person. It’s just their sight which tells you that ya this is the right person for me.

Society often fails to accept their love often because of discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, social status, economic background and many other petty factors.

Love is above all these stupid issues. Ones you have ‘that’ kind of feeling for someone no matter what others say your heart is gonna stick to that particular person and would crave to have glances of theirs sights.

Love is no easy task. At times it do requires struggle to fight opposition.

In Summary

Through out my article I talked about love, lovers and how it feels to be in love. It’s a feeling that has no substitution and adds spice to your life. At times it becomes difficult to prove that your love truly stands but ultimately if it is legitimate and pure the greater good will fall upon the lovers. Not everybody is blessed with true love and we all should understand its importance.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let me know about your views in the comments section below.

Thank You!

Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur

Compassionate, Passionate and overflowing boundless fantasies is what makes me write. A Computer Science student from St Stephens College, Delhi. Keen to raise social issues and loves to share thoughts on emotional and psychological well-being.

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