Are you really blessed with true love?

We have chosen the topic of ‘Love’ for our first blog post specifically to address a common subject of conversation for people. Some feel blessed to have true love, some just dream of it, while some end up judging their relationships. Today, we have brought you a crisp set of facts which may help you analyze your relationship or current condition.


So without doing some boring introduction, let’s take this concern forward in segments.

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What is love?

According to Wikipedia, “Love is a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. An example of this range of meanings is that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse differs from the love of food.”

Love with Bae

Now we are talking! Having a girlfriend or boyfriend today has become a norm. Some people fall into relationships out of real affection while some do it under peer pressure. Still, there are people who feel great being single. And there are mixed set of opinions. Talking specifically about people in relationship, if you have a bae and you two spend quality time and consider that love, then you might be mistaken. If love would have been limited to kissing, hugging, texting or spending time then there wouldn’t be any breakup cycles which we are experiencing or watching people dealing with these days.

The truth is, love is not dependent over any actions of two people and no action warrants love. Actions are only meant for expression. Expression is the necessary element in any relationship but it shouldn’t be governed in terms of frequency. You must have come across people who can’t bear the pain of not receiving a text or call from bae or spouse in every next hour. Undoubtedly, this is not love but unnecessary possessiveness.

How it feels like to be single?

Most people think that single people are jealous of people in relationship. Indeed, it happens but there are reverse case scenarios too. It’s true that single people have more friends or they are more social in real life. They have more freedom as compared to committed people. Singles usually have the freedom of talking and hanging around with anyone they want. They also take more initiatives to retain friendships and concerned about enjoying their daily life. But the story doesn’t end up here. There are certain problems which single people also bear. The prime one is, peer pressure. How many times have you seen a committed girl forcing her friend to get into relationship? Certainly, ample number of times. But have you ever thought, why most committed girls provoke their friends to do that? Because they can’t sleep over the independence and happiness of their friends. Bitter but true!

Love & Social Media

At present, people are busy in sharing their relationship status and goals on Facebook and other social media networks; while many are weary of watching it time and again. Here again, it’s a choice of a person to share or not to share his/her status. People usually upload content like photos or videos related to their relationship to keep themselves in limelight or making themselves feel superior. The fact is, sharing doesn’t make anybody exceptional, it rather makes people prone to gossip.

Love & Texting

It’s evident that, modern day relationships come with the need of texting to bae, while picking a call of parents has become a burden. The common sense of judgement states, fulfilling the duty of texting your bae is not love. Instead, it is the token that you periodically spend to keep your relationship intact. If you are undergoing such scenario, very soon you will get sick and it may become a reason of your breakup call followed by heartache. And that kind of remorse is certainly not love but the grief of giving importance and time to someone who wasn’t meant to be a part of your life.

So what is true love?

To explain this intuitively, we decided to create a short video to showcase our side of opinion about true love. Just play the video and see it for yourself!

In Summary

The content of this article is not meant to criticize relationships or commitments. Neither it is written to point any particular person or celebrity. Rather, it is focussed upon discussing the present case scenario which people these days especially young generation is undergoing.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff

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  1. Nice Video… but don’t agree at these point (But have you ever thought, why most committed girls provoke their friends to do that? Because they can’t sleep over the independence and happiness of their friends. Bitter but true!)… This may be other way round like he/she can’t see their friend to be alone… other depends on individual but positive thinkers are also there dear.

    • Thank you for sharing thoughts Kamalpreet. Indeed there are exceptions in everything today. In fact, the pointers listed in this article are based on the opinion of various people in our team. We’ll keep posting more content of this type.

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