5 Reasons Why Florida Is The Best State of All

Perhaps you have been offered a new job that would require you to move across the country and relocate to Florida?


Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a new challenge and have always fancied living in Florida, or are choosing your next family vacation destination and are interested in the Sunshine State?

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Whatever your motivation, here are five reasons why Florida is the best state of them all.

1. Florida Is Incredibly Culturally Diverse

First and foremost, if you are looking to vacation to, or even relocate to, a place where you will be exposed to the whole rainbow of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, and sexual freedoms, then Florida is the place for you.

Often described as a veritable melting pot containing people from different walks of life, if you are looking to broaden your perspective and enhance your list of experiences in life, Florida is the number one place for you to do just that.

2. Apartments and Houses Are Affordable

Even though Florida is often the number one choice of any American when asked where they would most like to live in the future, the houses and apartments right across the state are substantially more affordable than you may think.

It is not, in fact, just the living arrangements that make for an affordable way of life, but the healthcare and the provision of goods and services all fall impressively below the national average.

3. The Beaches Are Unrivalled

RV camping on the beach in Florida is absolutely one of the best ways to see the coast, not least due to the simple fact that each and every morning, you get to wake up and walk along the white sands and paddle in the crystal-clear waters.

There are many award-winning and internationally famous beaches in Florida, including the following areas to name just a few:

  • St George Island
  • Clearwater Beach
  • Pensacola Beach
  • Panama City Public Beach
  • Grayton Beach
  • St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

4. Jobs Are Readily Available

Specifically aimed at those who are considering relocating to Florida on a permanent basis, you will be overjoyed to discover that, due to Florida boasting one of the country’s largest GDPs (gross domestic products), it is relatively easy to find a job.

Naturally, and especially if you are moving into a completely different industry, you are not going to be able to jump into a highly-paid job straight off the bat, but an easy entry-level career will allow you to scale the hierarchical chain of command as fast as you can.

5. Sports, Sports, Sports!

The fifth and final reason why Florida beats all the other states is simply due to Florida having the best teams in the country to become involved with.

Not only does the Sunshine State boast three professional football teams, but also two professional hockey teams and two professional baseball teams, so there will never be a shortage of exciting games to watch on the weekend!

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