Riley Reid launches AI platform ‘Clona’ to immortalize herself

As reported recently by Business Insider, model and OnlyFans star Riley Reid is paving towards immortalizing herself by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) which allows her to interact with fans in the time to come even when she stops shooting videos.


Reid has reportedly launched an AI chatbot-based platform named ‘Clona‘ which is currently in beta and will soon enable other creators to build digital versions of themselves.

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According to the report, Reid opined that AI is on the rise and will give her the opportunity to build relationships with fans without compromising on her personal time.

“I’m married. I’m a mother. I’m trying to do multiple businesses,” said Riley Reid to Business Insider. “This gives me an opportunity to immortalize myself and still be in that field without investing my full self. I feel so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to create Riley Reid as a mainstream name. I really want to utilize that.”

Reid also shared that while shooting for mainstream content she didn’t get much interaction with her fans, and similarly working with the OnlyFans platform, she found it difficult to respond and communicate with all fans through the platform’s chat feature.

Clona users will be able to exchange up to five messages free of cost, and for unlimited chats and voice messages, the service comes for $30 a month.

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A spokesperson told Business Insider that the Clona platform is built using a proprietary large-language model based on Meta’s Llama but “heavily modified and fine-tuned”.

To create a chatbot that would resemble Reid closely, the AI was fed hundreds of hours of her audio and video content along with her entire social media history. Besides this, Riley herself face-checked the output to ensure that the platform would represent her precisely and approach political and social issues politely.

Speaking of which, Reid said to Business Insider, “One of my biggest things is, I believe that trans people should have rights,”

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I have my own political beliefs. If someone says something that is anti trans, or transphobic, how does my AI respond in a politically correct way that says like, ‘Hey, I don’t agree, I love the trans community’? I don’t want my AI to just skip over trans rights, I want her to have my actual opinion.” Reid added

Riley disclosed that the users will be able to request their desired personas of Riley on Clona.

“Riley is a persona, and from this persona that you fantasize about you’re able to create a version that is more suitable to your specific needs,” she said. “You can request your AI Riley to give herself a purple mohawk if that’s what you’re into, because real-life Riley would never do that.”

The company said it plans to open up the platform to any creator or celebrity who wishes to create a “digital copy” of themselves in the future, but that the team is still working on refining the AI model and understanding the reaction from the public. Reid added that because the AI needs to be trained to resemble the real person closely, the process of refining it can be time-consuming.

Running a proprietary large-language model is also expensive, and the company is looking to cut costs, which currently sit at about $30,000 a month just for cloud services.

“I like that my AI has a form of human connection because she’s based off of a real person,” Reid said. “She has my life and everything. People always care for human connection, and that’s always going to exist.”

Staff Notes

We have witnessed numerous mythical AI personas and influencers such as Lil Miquela, and several AI characters loosely based on real people like Paris Hilton. But Riley’s Clona is a piece of strong hard work.

Clona warrants the contribution of AI towards content recommendation, virtual reality experiences, and creative content generation.

It is undeniable that AI is playing a transformative role across diverse industries, augmenting processes, and capabilities in ways that were once unimaginable.

In healthcare, AI is used for diagnostics, drug discovery, personalized medicine, and patient care optimization.

In finance, AI is employed for fraud detection, algorithmic trading, risk management, and customer service.

AI aids in precision farming, crop monitoring, and yield optimization.

AI supports personalized learning, educational analytics, and administrative tasks in the education sector.

When it comes to Retail and Ecommerce, AI is used for demand forecasting, personalized recommendations, inventory management, and customer service.

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