Rise of Rapes in Haryana – Why Strict Laws are not being Implemented?

Just like South Africa has its own Cape town our South Asian countries, especially those two who are known to have an amazing relationship with each other have their own rape towns. Time and again, or also we can say everyday the newspapers have the rape cases on rise. Rapes in Haryana have jolted the state’s sex ratio as given by 914 girls to 1,000 boys. Not even a week after the Zainab Ansari case, Haryana has taken the spotlight in the headlines all over for all the bad reasons. Soon after a few days the most heart wrenching reports came out in the city leaving all of us wondering where sanity has been lost.


The deadly Reports

1. The first case was of a 15-year-old girl missing since she left home for tuition a week before she was found dead at Haryana’s Jind with 19 severe injuries to her body and signs of unspeakable torture. Her liver and lungs had been ruptured and an object had been jammed into her body, according to the doctor’s statement.

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2. The second horrendous act took place just 70 km away in Panipat wherein an 11-year-old girl was raped, strangled and raped again after she was dead, allegedly by two neighbors who have been arrested. According to the reports, she had been kidnapped when she left her house to dump garbage. This case evidently shows how unsafe this world is even when you want to dump out garbage from your house you might be risking something even more worse than it.

3. If these weren’t enough, a 22-year-old woman was kidnapped and gang-raped for two hours in an SUV in Faridabad. Faith in humanity had been lost by all after these horrendous reports coming out.

4. Last month, a five-year-old girl was raped and killed in the state’s Hisar district. She had also been tortured with a stick. These paedophilic acts have stolen the innocence or even life from the kids with no actual purpose  with no efficient justice being provided.

The comparison to the Delhi case

The Delhi Case of Nirbhaya in 2012 has known to be the worst of its kind which gave rise to a number of protests and petitions but however somewhat still in vain as the required justice wasn’t given out accordingly. What could be worse than a case being compared to one of the most barbaric acts taken place in the country? So, the rape, torture and murder of the teen, a Class 10 student from a village in Kurukshetra, has been compared to the Delhi gang-rape case of the 23-year-old medical student raped and killed in a moving bus.

Apparently, the girl went missing and her mutilated, half-naked body was found near a canal about 100 km away, in Jind. It was covered just by a torn shirt, and wounds on her face, neck, lips and chest were found. According to the reports, the body had many injury marks, the private parts were mutilated and there were evident signs of internal injuries. Signs of sexual assault were visible and it so looks that three-four people were responsible, a hard and blunt object was inserted inside her, signs of drowning were also apparent according to the doctors.

So, now what?

The literacy rate of Haryana is 67.91% which can be considered decent but not enough. Rapes in Haryana are insanely increasing day by day and we know only about of the reported ones only. It’s important that sex education becomes mandatory in schools to create awareness. Also, rather than asking girls about their whereabouts we should keep a track on the whereabouts of the guys in the family. Strict implementation of laws and an efficient police force for investigations is something highly needed.

Anam Mirajkar
Anam Mirajkar

Anam Mirajkar is a media student from Mumbai, part of the editorial team at LAFFAZ. Loves exploring the startup ecosystem and also writes about culture and entertainment.

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