Sergey Tokarev: How Ukrainian startups can find new clients and investments

Due to the latest events taking place on the territory of Ukraine, a lot of both established companies and young ones have suffered. Many companies that were able to stay afloat in cooperation with venture funds gathered all their strength to help young projects develop the idea further. And although the full-scale invasion threw up many problems, it became a challenge and an impetus for new ideas and their implementation. The inventor of the idea of helping IT startups was Sergey Tokarev, who heads the Roosh company. He explained what Ukrainian Tech Circle is and how Ukrainian projects can get support.


What is Ukrainian Tech Circle and how they help Ukrainian startups

Ukrainian Tech Circle is a team of IT specialists, business coaches, and entrepreneurs who are ready to develop young Ukrainian businesses. This project was created after Russia invaded Ukraine when many young projects lost their “financial cushion” and the opportunity to develop their product further. According to Sergey Tokarev, Ukrainian Tech Circle helps Ukrainian startups attract clients and financial investments, as well as provides information support from business and IT professionals. Sergey Tokarev, together with Dan Dmitrenko and Nina Levchuk, created the Ukrainian Tech Circle team to help Ukrainian startups get on their feet.

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The initiative is trying to solve these problems by performing several parallel actions: searching for ways to get funds, finding new customers, and providing information assistance.

Who can help Ukrainian IT startups?

The Russian invasion forced Ukrainian tech companies to deal with a number of challenges, such as relocating their businesses, insolvent customers, and closing businesses. As a result, the share of lost profits for technological projects reaches 30-100%.

Ukraine has a powerful technological potential and has repeatedly proven to the world that talented Ukrainian engineers are capable of developing breakthrough ideas. Roosh has always worked to provide as many opportunities as possible to Ukrainian IT talents.

The Ukrainian Tech Circle team has already been joined by several companies that are united by one goal. Sergey Tokarev also connected his technology company Roosh and its venture fund to this project. This is a company that develops products based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Among the Roosh products are:

  • Reface mobile application;
  • venture studio Pawa;
  • deep technology startup ZibraAI;
  • educational projects AI HOUSE and SET University.

Any company that is able to help young projects in any way, both material and informational, can take part in this project.

How to join Ukrainian Tech Circle?

The team accepts applications from any IT projects and young startups that have suffered in connection with the military invasion of Ukraine. Those who wish to help can also fill out the application: investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. The application template can be found on the website.

According to Sergey Tokarev, there are already a lot of applications and their number will grow because this idea will help the prosperity of Ukrainian projects both in Ukraine and on the world market.

Thanks to a large team of professionals, this initiative should give impetus to those projects that may not have hoped to successfully promote their IT products.

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