Shark Tank Season 13 casting moves online

Featured image: Mindy Zemrak, Casting Producer, Shark Tank Season 13 and 12; Credits: Twitter


  • Shark Tank Season 13 applications have moved completely online
  • Entrepreneurs can apply for shark tank season 13 online

The news about Shark Tank Season 13 (United States) is out already but the fans outside the US are still not aware of the same. Shark Tank is definitely one of the most awaited reality shows not only for the US-based audience but for people across the globe at present. While Shark Tank Season 12 began in October 2020 with appropriate safety measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs all over the globe are still craving to know more about Season 13.

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Over time, we’ve been hearing a lot about Shark Tank, statements like ‘Is Shark Tank coming back in 2021’, ‘Will Shark Tank cast for Season 13’, ‘Is Shark Tank cancelled’, ‘Who are the Sharks on Shark Tank 2021?’ and much more alike.

While Season 12 is still on, the good news answering all questions regarding Season 13 is here already. The good news is, Shark Tank Season 13 casting has begun online.

Mindy Zemrak is still the supervising Casting Producer for Shark Tank.

Entrepreneurs can apply to Shark Tank Season 13 by filling a simple form. The window is open till end of June.

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