Short guide to PPE for tattoo artists

Tattoo artists who take themselves seriously and want to ensure their clients have a positive, all-round experience take precautions to ensure their hygiene practices are up to standard. In addition to cleaning and sterilizing your equipment and work area, you can use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to protect yourself and your customers against contamination. Here is a short guide to PPE to help you keep your studio hygienic and safe.


Disposable Gloves

Due to the nature of your work, you and your client are constantly exposed to a variety of fluids. Using needles to pierce the body and create works of art and carrying out tattoo treatments means that there is a risk of blood-borne or localized infection. By donning the correct PPE at work, you can reduce this risk. Disposable gloves are essential for preventative safety and should be a staple in all tattoo shops. They should be worn throughout a tattoo session, and they should be replaced after every session. If the session is long, make sure you replace your gloves regularly to ensure you remain protected. Gloves should also be worn when cleaning and sterilizing equipment. In addition, disposable arm sleeves give you a higher level of protection against splattering fluids.

Different Types of Materials

Latex, nitrile, and vinyl are all popular materials for disposable gloves. Latex feels great on the skin and provides optimum protection against germs and bacteria. However, some people have adverse reactions to this material. Many people claim that nitrile does not have the same feel as latex, but it still offers a good level of protection, and it is a good alternative for those who suffer from allergies. Vinyl is the least desirable material for tattoo gloves as it is heavier, and can compromise your movement as you work. However, you can use vinyl gloves when you’re sterilizing your tattoo machine and your workplace. They can also be worn when working on extensive fill-in pieces.

Eye Protection

The eyes are an incredibly important part of your body, and you can protect them from splatter by using specialist eye protection equipment, such as goggles or full-face visors. Although, a pair of glasses with good coverage can also do the job.

Face Masks

Disposable surgical face masks, such as the FFP2 variety, offer a strong physical barrier between yourself and potential contaminants in your work environment. They can stop you from picking up respiratory illnesses—and they can prevent you from passing them on too. Always wash your hands properly before and after putting on a mask, and never re-use a surgical face mask.

Protective Aprons

A protective apron can protect a large portion of your body from splatter and can be used to create uniformity and increase brand awareness in the workplace. High-quality reusable aprons with your tattoo studio’s logo printed on them can help you achieve a professional look. In contrast, disposable aprons can be used to give workers an added layer of protection. Just make sure all reusable aprons are cleaned properly after every use.

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