Sprint celebrates two years of success, processing 1 Mn shipments

  • Aiming to introduce a new Q-Commerce solution & fulfilment centers powered by AI technology

Cairo, Egypt headquartered Sprint, a leading e-commerce logistics company founded in 2019, celebrates two years of success and processing 1,000,000 shipments, by providing technology-enabled solutions that help e-commerce merchants and retailers enjoy high value, end to end logistics services backed by AI. The remarkable growth of the e-commerce market and the company’s innovative business model were the main drivers for this success.


Speaking of the achievements so far, Mohamed Deif, Founder & CEO of Sprint, in a statement said,

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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“Our customizable, light asset, end to end solution, mainly relies on two main pillars, our Innovative Technology along with a solid delivery network. We’ve used Data science to carefully design our delivery stations’ locations and efficiently have a solid delivery network on ground. Based on historical data and machine learning we’re expanding our network to maximize our efficiency.”

“By utilizing a hybrid innovative light asset model, which is backed by a powerful and experienced team, also with a technology which is powered by AI and Data Analysis, we are able to deliver world-class logistics services to our clients while maximizing the efficiency of our network and resources. We aim to build on this success by introducing a new Q-commerce (‘Quick Commerce’) solution and building the largest network of micro-fulfilment centres all over Egypt and are looking forward to expanding our operations into the African market soon.” – Deif added

During the past two years, Sprint has been able to process almost one million shipments with a success exceeding 90%. The company serves a portfolio of more than 3000 customers and has secured more than 500 job opportunities in Egypt.

Sprint is revolutionizing the logistics field with diversified and integrated business solutions such as E-commerce Fulfillment & On-Demand Warehousing, Drop Shipping, Middle & Last-Mile Delivery, Exchange & Returns Management, Same-Day Delivery and Payment Collection; can all be customized to cater to the customer’s specific business model.

Ayman Yahia, Commercial Manager of Sprint, shared,

“Thanks to our services & solutions portfolio, we have been able to capture a lot of opportunities in the Egyptian market. We are looking forward to expand our customers’ portfolio by targeting new segments while considering the massive growth of the e-commerce market in the region,”

We currently serve 26 governates across Egypt with a diversified fleet of vehicles to handle different types of products, and a delivery and operations team of highly experienced and professional employees.

Sprint has notably grabbed attention from various international venture capitalists and investment firms and is close to closing its seed round to back its aggressive growth plans for the upcoming few years.

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