The School of Life – A YouTube Channel Everyone Must Follow

Though the self-help books is a popular genre since ages, the digital era has brought self-help YouTube channels. These channels have appeased many a stressed out individual. Moreover, videos have a lot more to offer and are far easier to consume than literature to the impatient youth of today. One of my favourite channels in this area is – The School of Life.


I have watched videos of similar channels and while they were all doing a good job, they sort of blended into one and broadly seemed to be dealing with the same things.

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Here is a list of reasons why The School of Life stood out for me…

The topics

While the topics other channels seemed to be taking could all blend into similar broad categories, The School of Life has dealt with a variety of really specific issues many channels and motivational speakers have not forayed into. They have dealt with everything from “Why we’re mean to those we love”, “The joy of sexting”, “The secret to Leaving comments online” to even “Taylor Swift’s Legs” and “ Mark Zuckerberg’s T-shirts”.

The have delved deep into matters other people may consider trivial and done a tonne of research before arriving at the conclusions they have. They place immense importance on emotions and show how our inner self shapes our lives and in turn everything around us.

The visuals

Sometimes I just mute the videos to really observe the visuals and try to guess what the video is talking about. Even if you don’t understand the fancy, fast-paced English used in the videos the visuals are a treat in themselves and do a good job of supporting and explaining the narrator’s intended message.

Another thing that the School of Life does differently is constantly break stereotypes. The video where they did an in-depth analysis of sexting showed two women sext each other. Many times when talking about needy or clingy partners, the animations of the said needy partner is always a man; contrary to popular belief that women are clingy. The couples they use are mostly same-sex, or mixed race and they do this in the passing without making a big show out of it.

The narration

As mentioned earlier, the language used is fancy. But you’ll definitely find it witty and humorous once you grasp it. It’s paced just right and uses the visual aid to its advantage.

Even while talking about taboo topics or immoral acts, the language is never emotional or heavy. It is light-hearted and calm and friendly, not holier-than-thou and judgy, like some of such videos turn into. The speaker is your therapist and your friend, not a pastor or a judge. Unlike many self-help videos, it isn’t insanely optimistic and acknowledges the very likely possibility of failure and doom. But it manages doing so in good spirit.

Also to hear a prissy British accent read out crass online comments is actually quite funny.

Providing people much needed counseling

I have come across two categories of people: those who use adjectives such as “mad”, “crazy”, “insane” to describe themselves; and those who vehemently deny that they are in need of mental help. The truth is we are all a little insane (not in the adorable way we’d like to believe).

We need to be taught how to appear sane from time to time, to be functional productive people. We’re cranky, moody workers, we’re needy as friends or partners, we’re ungrateful children who are never happy with our parents. We nitpick and have many illogical habits. We try to be kind and turn people to become like us, but we often times fail. Be it in our professional lives or in our personal lives, and we blame others.

At times like these, The School of Life acts as a guide and helps us get through our day-to-day angst. If you find it embarrassing to visit a psychiatrist, you can instead watch a couple of YouTube videos from The School of Life.

The School of Life – In Summary

The School of Life lives up to its name. It really teaches you how to live life and handle it’s emotional aspects with maturity and grace. The School of Life does a tremendous job of providing us the much needed education to become slightly better individuals. And we’ve always expected such education from our schools.

Whether or not you agree with my opinion and review of The School of Life, don’t hesitate to share your view in the comments below ?

Misbah Fathima
Misbah Fathima

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