Has Tinder killed Romance and Long-term Relationships?

Has Tinder killed Romance and Long-term Relationships?
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Once upon a time, in a bar or a party one-liners led to once in a lifetime of dreams or one night stands. Now, this spark is being lit by a certain app called ‘Tinder’. You can now “find friends, dates, relationships and everything in between” with this app listed under the ‘Lifestyle’ section in app stores.

Undoubtedly, every digital amenity comes with both pros and cons these days. But in the end what matters is the opinion of the users. Many people say that Tinder and other E-romance apps have certainly shortened the duration of finding a date and achieving the end objective for the users. Whereas, a big chunk of people says that Tinder has killed Romance and long-term relationships. Let’s talk a bit more in detail!


Gadgets have paved a way for love. It began with Match.com a website that had replaced classified ads. Then came OkCupid, cupid.com, Eharmony etc all from our PCs and desktops of the early 2000s to meet like-minded singles. When Facebook arrived a globalization occurred, with unsolicited messages and online flirting. Some romances blossomed and some wilted.

Gamifying the dating experience

In 2009, an app exclusively for men seeking men known as Grindr came out. The concept was a light bulb moment for Jonathan Badeen, Sean Rad, and Justin Mateen to launch Tinder. For those who are unfamiliar with Tinder, one can meet new people nearby to their location. By having a game like an interface, it revolutionizes the concept of dating. Similar to popular game Fruit Ninja, you swipe left to get the fruit and to avoid bombs, you swipe left. If anyone among those you swiped right for likes you back, you’re connected and can chat. The rest is history: pickup lines, a time and finally a date.

The Tinder effect

Like every revolutionary phenomenon, Tinder effects the psyche, profound enough to be studied and documented. Having an app exclusively for hookups has led to the strangest thing: technosexuality. Here, the hookup app has become more arousing than the hookup!

Tinder has set fire to the idea of romanticism. News alert: it’s dead. By having a formula, the relevance of a romance has died, killing with it long-term relationships. Is Tinder, Grindr & Bumble tender enough to tinker with short romances? It’s just a spark, not a flame.

We would like to know about your views on Tinder and romance apps. Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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