5 tips and tricks that global companies leverage to be successful

Throughout the course of history, thousands of companies have become huge global names. You know who most of them are Nike, Amazon, Starbucks, Netflix, Adidas, McDonald’s, Google and similar – you get the idea.


Of course, no single company is the same. Each has its own brand identity, target consumers, and product line-ups. But, in and among all this, there are some core similarities across all the globally successful customers.

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You’ll be excited to know that this article is going to let you in on some secrets by divulging five tips and tricks that global companies are using to be successful in modern times. Whether you’re a startup or a small or medium-sized company, it doesn’t matter – these tips and tricks are for all the ambitious company owners out there looking to skyrocket their success levels.

1. Focus on sustainability

All globally successful brands have reached the heights they have because of their sustainability.

Sustainability is the key to making a business thrive and prosper. From having a safe, secure, and eco-friendly supply chain to future-focused company culture, there are lots of steps you can take to ensure your business is sustainable. One of the main areas you should focus on, particularly if you’re a large and fast-moving company, is your waste management.

It’s easy for companies to be complacent and unorganized when it comes to waste management. They adopt a mindset of, “Well, it costs us money, but what can you do about it?”

This is a negative mindset to have, as there are lots of creative and cost-saving ways you can manage your company waste. A great starting point is recycling. If you deal with materials like plastic, wood, textiles, or cardboard, then you should use a recycling bale. You can get an excellent and affordable one from recyclingbalers.com. Doing this will enable you to easily recycle your materials and make a profit from them, so don’t hesitate to invest in one as soon as possible.

2. Have brand values that you’re genuinely passionate about

Company values are a necessity in the 21st century, so it’s important that your company adopts and promotes values that you’re genuinely passionate about. Here are some brand values that are popular to have:

  • Diversity
  • Customer commitment
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Brand values help to show customers that you aren’t just a faceless, cash-hungry company driven by money. Instead, values help to tap into the customer psyche and express your brand’s personality and human side more clearly – which is key to increasing global appeal.

3. Make connections with other businesses

Connecting with other businesses and building relationships is important, as it can lead to new and creative avenues such as joint product development, lead-sourcing, outsourcing marketing activities and much more. You can explore legacy platforms like LinkedIn, Angelist and Y-Combinator’s StartupSchool.org many more alike.

4. Create a flexible workforce culture

Work culture is changing – and global companies know this. Therefore, they’ve adapted by allowing employees the choice to work remotely, so you should follow their example! And the COVID-19 pandemic has evidently dictated us a scenario where every government institution, corporate, and startup all across the globe followed the remote-working route.

5. Utilize digital customer service

Digital customer service is imperative. From social media to your website, customers need various options to contact your company for various purposes like knowing more about your product and company, seeking support or write reviews about your product. Twitter is the most go-to place for customers to seek direct support nowadays. On the other hand, Google MyBusiness profile and Facebook business page are the two best digital assets for businesses to garner reviews and testimonials.


Staff writer at LAFFAZ, Asiya is a keen collector of lesser-known yet significant facts and stories from all across the world and loves presenting them to the masses through her writings.

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