Top 5 tips to boost your business growth in 2021

Starting a new business is both exciting and overwhelming. It is true that many new businesses do fail in their first year of its operations. However, for the ones that do make it through the net, they thrive, but how do you become one of those few who make their new businesses successful? Now after the harsh COVID-19 scenario, more than ever we want our businesses to shine.


This year has been one of those years that has been unprecedented in terms of business and how people live. With lockdowns, we have seen a sudden surge of people creating online business ventures, digital solutions, or turning down their physical shops and turning them into e-commerce enterprises. Of course, these things are going to change and so you might be wondering, what’s that new thing that you should be doing to boost your business growth in 2021.

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Tips to grow your business in 2021

Here are some of the ways your new business can totally rock next year, and actually, it is far simpler than you might have originally thought.

1. Rocking it on social media

Social media is one of the biggest ways that you can get your business messages heard quickly. It is instant, it is always there, and it is easy to grow when you know how to do it. The simple trick is to remain consistent across all of your social channels and to ensure that you use your biggest asset, i.e. yourself. More businesses are giving behind the scenes footage of who they are as a business owner, there chat and uploads are what make a business appear more human, which in turn encourages people to buy because people connect with what they see. Be a part of your brand and you will start to see your business go skyrocket.

2. Outsourcing where necessary

Outsourcing can often be seen as an en expensive way to run your business, but try looking at differently. Your time is very valuable, and to be honest, it is far more valuable than some of the administrative items you might want to do. Outsourcing for the likes of business management or even using options like IT support companies could give you helpful insights in terms of how to run your business and where to focus your energy and valuable time. It could certainly make a difference to your business management moving forward. At this time, especially it is a good idea to place a value on your time.

3. Expanding your product or service range

Expansion is an excellent way to move your business forward quickly. It might be that you have more products or services that could be added to your inventory, or you can venture into a different niche, or set-up a new shop or location elsewhere. Taking the plunge could make your business witness an increasing profit margin and opportunities for growth in the future. You also might want to be extra cautious right now, which is understandable. Of course, you can’t sit back if you think you have a product or service that could be pushed next year. You may have diversified this year and hopped on to a new path that you might have never intended, but be certain, it could open up new options for you and your business in the near future.

4. Having a kick-ass website

Your website is your prime digital property that makes the key impression. If you don’t feel confident in terms of your website’s UI and UX, then get a professional to rebuild it for you. This way, you can ensure that your website will do everything that you want in terms of delivering information about your business and product, lead-generation, payments and enquiries. This year we have witnessed numerous businesses and startups experimenting with the UI & UX of their web portals and mobile apps. So you might want to raise some inspiration and learn from your role model businesses to ultimately identify that one change that can substantially add value to your website. One thing that you can ignore is the technical optimisation of your website that includes, suppressing down unnecessary queries, setting up search engine schemas and much more that your IT professional or developer can suggest.

5. Being clever with your processes

You can’t be perfect neither I mean that you start chasing perfection, but you really need to make your process smooth. Consult a financial expert to save taxes wherever possible, hire content writing interns instead of full-time manpower, leverage payment gateways like PayPal, Razorpay or any other that suits your business for smother cashflow, hire digital marketing experts to manage your marketing work such as scheduling social media posts and doing regular search engine optimisation.

Over to you…

Until now, we have heard innumerable people fighting on “hard work vs smart work” subject, including our role models, inspiring business magnates and influencers, but as you go deeper into the discussions, you feel like your time is being wasted and the abundance of video content at present is actually the very reason behind the disruption of focus. At least for myself, I have got the answer to this debate, and that is “work hard until you become smart”.

Let’s hope that these tips help you grow your business this new year 2021, and may the whole world reach back to 100 percent normalcy. If you have any other tips on business growth or want to share your feedback, the comment box below awaits your response.

M Haseeb
M Haseeb

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