5 Tips for maintaining your Golf Equipment

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Golf equipment is often an expensive purchase. You want to buy the best that you can afford as it could give you the edge on the golf course. Taking care of your equipment means that it will be a better investment and you will be able to use it for several seasons. Here are 5 tips for maintaining your golf equipment.

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1. Keep Dirt Out of Your Clubs

If you keep the dirt out of your clubs, they will connect with the ball better. You can clean them as you go around the course and a simple scrubbing brush is sufficient to get the job done. You will be surprised how much dirt will fall out of your club and how much it improves your game.

One great idea is to carry a small towel around with you and wet one end before you start playing. That way you can wash the clubs with one end of the towel and dry it with the other.

You should also clean your clubs after you have finished your round of golf and they should be dried thoroughly before you put them away.

2. Clean Your Golf Balls

Golf balls may not be too expensive, but they are not a piece of equipment that you want to keep buying and you can’t play the game without them. To maintain your golf balls, use warm water and a little dishwashing soap. You can use a toothbrush to give them a scrub and make sure you have cleaned all the mud off them. You can use a towel or an air dryer to dry them but make sure they are totally dry before you store them, as damp golf balls will grow mold that will destroy the equipment they are stored with.

3. Keep Your Grips Dry

It is surprising how much difference a good grip makes to your game, so you need to keep these in excellent condition. You can buy new grips on their own without going to the expense of needing new golf clubs, but this can still cost you a lot.

Grips tend to get damaged depending on the weather conditions and they hate wet or hot weather, as this makes them crack. They should always be dried before you put them back in your golf bag and between rounds if it is raining.

4. Maintain Your Cart

It is easy to forget about your cart once you have finished driving it, but this will need careful maintenance too if you want to keep it in decent shape. You should check the tires regularly to make sure they are in good condition and make sure the mirrors are clean. Accessories for Club Car Carts such as floor mats are a fantastic way to keep dirt off the floor of your cart, but they will still need to be shaken out regularly.

5. Storage

Your golf equipment needs proper storage to keep it in good shape. You may feel like tossing them in the trunk of the car after use, but this could bend them out of shape, especially if you have a small trunk.

It is relatively easy to break into the trunk of a car so storing your equipment there might be costly. They are best kept in an upright position so that they don’t bend or break. Use a headcover to stop your clubs from clanging together and causing structural damage when you are storing them. Most new clubs come with headcovers, but it is easy to lose or misplace one on the golf course, so make sure you have plenty.

Use the above-listed five tips to increase the longevity of your equipment and save you the cost of replacing them.

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