5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

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The kitchen is often home to many devices that consume a lot of energy, and these can be either quite energy-consuming or energy-efficient. Along with this, when putting together a kitchen, the use of certain materials such as natural and sustainable woods like bamboo is a better choice for the environment in comparison with other materials such as plastic. Depending on the type of appliances, devices, and materials that you currently use in your kitchen, there may be some room for improvement when it comes to making the entire room eco-friendlier.

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Use Compostable Coffee Capsules

If you are a coffee lover and have a capsule coffee machine in your kitchen or are thinking about getting one, then it’s a good idea to use compostable capsules rather than conventional ones. Conventional coffee capsules often contain metals and other precious resources. If you are in the market for a new coffee machine, then consider getting one that supports the use of compostable or recyclable coffee capsules. You can find aftermarket and affordable capsules that can be recycled.

Use a Crockpot

A crockpot is an alternative option to a conventional pot and is a popular choice for slow cooking meals for several hours while using very little energy to do so. Once they are heated, a crockpot will preserve this heat for quite a long time, which makes them not only convenient but also an energy-efficient device to have in your kitchen. If you prefer to slow-cook your meals, then it may be worth switching to a crockpot instead of using a traditional pot.

Consider a Solar Oven

If you like to try new and different ways to become more eco-friendly at home, then you may want to consider switching to a solar oven, if you have the space to do so. A solar oven is a very energy-efficient and eco-friendly piece of kit to have in your kitchen since they only need energy from the sun in order to work. However, you may want to avoid using it as your main oven since they only work if the sun is shining, which might leave you stuck on a rainy day if you don’t have a conventional oven to use.

Switch to Biodegradable Waste Bags

The use of traditional plastic waste bags in the kitchen is one of the biggest sources of plastic trash around the world. It has a hugely negative impact on our environment including the speeding up of global warming and pollution in the oceans. Because of this, the best thing that homeowners can do is make the switch from plastic to biodegradable waste bags. It’s simple and effective at reducing your amount of plastic waste significantly.

Install a Water Filter

If you live in an area where the tap water isn’t of great quality, then you may want to consider having a water filter installed in your kitchen. This will help you avoid buying bottled water instead and contributing to plastic trash around the world. If your tap water quality is good, then there is not really much reason to buy bottled water at all since you can safely drink it straight from the tap. If you prefer drinking water that has had the fine particles filtered out and is healthier, then consider having a filter installed on your tap or your fridge. A cheaper alternative is to invest in a water filter jug that you can fill with water at the start of the day and place in the fridge to keep cold as the water filters through.

When it comes to making your home eco-friendlier, the kitchen is often a great place to start.


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