The Fanmade Uncharted Movie Starring Nathan Fillion is Going Viral

It is a universally accepted truth that the movies based on video games are generally awful. Consider Max Payne movie and Agent 47 which never came out the way video games do. But after watching this short film, I can say that it’s time for the fans of the video game franchise to feel happy by watching the Uncharted movie.


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This movie is actually replicating the exact essence that the Uncharted video game delivers. Thanks to the Canadian director Allan Ungar and the actor Nathan Fillion. Clearly, this movie is an inspiration for the upcoming video game based movies; and a lesson for those awful ones which have already been created.

What made Allan Ungar create the Uncharted Movie?

Let’s read it in the words of the director himself.

I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise since it started back in 2007. I was still in school and remember thinking that it was going to change both the gaming landscape and the way we experience immersive storytelling. While the set pieces were always incredibly fun and inventive, it was the importance of character and story that really hooked me. You were able to put yourself in the shoes of someone that embodied everything we love about heroes, including their flaws. Over the years I always felt that if it was ever adapted into a film or series, there was only one guy out there that could play the part. Turns out I wasn’t the only one.

People who haven’t played Uncharted video game series may or may not understand the film, but the ones who have played would definitely cherish it. I certainly believe that there will be forthcoming movies/episodes.

According to the rumors, Alan Ungar is looking forward to creating a series out of short episodes. It might be true! Let’s see what will happen next.

We’ll try to keep you updated as soon as any update or news hits our ears.

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