Most effective ways to recover data from a dead Android phone

ways recover data dead Android phone
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Data loss from any smartphone can be painful but when that smartphone doesn’t even get switched on then it feels like a catastrophe. Android phones are affordable, reliable and easy to use therefore, a huge number of people prefer to use android phones over any other. Data file recovery from android phones is as easy as storing data in them, you just need to know what and how to do it.

Dead android phones

A dead android phone is basically a phone you can’t switch on. A switched off phone is another name for a dead android phone. Your android set not being able to switch on is not a minor thing, there can be many reasons responsible for that. It’s not safe to avoid such circumstances because all your important data including photos, videos, documents, call history, WhatsApp documents, messages etc. can be lost and you can be in a very miserable state then.

Why Android phones get switched off?

There are certain reasons why android phones can get dead:

  • Your android might come in contact with water and or rain or any other liquid that can interfere with the proper functioning of the phone and it can get switched off.
  • Your android might be dropped down to the heavy floor and can get physically damaged making your phone switched off.
  • Some other reasons like a short circuit or a sudden power surge or failure which can interfere with the proper functioning of the phone and it can get switched off.

How to recover data from switched off android phones?

Even the best android phones can get switched off due to unforeseen circumstances and there are certain ways to meet such situations yourself.

1. Android PC and Mac Application

You can install a software like the ‘Android File Transfer’ application on your Mac or if you are on a PC, you can find alternative software. Just connect your dead phone with the computer via a USB cable and check whether or not the software gains access to your files. If yes, then you are in great luck, and if not then continue reading this article.

2. With the help of a Data recovery software

Always remember to choose a data recovery software that can restore at least files of all types and supports your device. There are both free and premium software available in the market. You can try a free software called ‘MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android Free‘ which is available for Windows. Once installed, you need to execute the following steps to bring your data back to life.

  1. Connect the dead phone to your computer via USB cable.
  2. Open the software to enter its main interface.
  3. Choose the Recover from Phone module to continue.
  4. The software will identify the phone automatically and then show you the Device Ready to Scan
  5. Next, you have two options to select from, ‘Quick Scan’ and ‘Deep Scan’. Deep Scan is always a recommended options as it enables you to maximise the scope for data recovery.
  6. Once the scanning process gets completed, the interface shows you all files available for recovery.
  7. As the final step, you just need to select the files which you wish to recover and click the ‘Recover’ button.

3. Google account

If you had your Google Drive backup option enabled on your phone, then you can retrieve your data from your Google Account. You just need to set up your new Android device with your existing Google Account (the account previously used on your dead phone).

Your Google account stores your device backup only if you have set the same for it. In order to ensure that your data stays synced with your Google account. It is important that you prevent any data loss rather than trying to recover it once it is lost or your phone goes dead. All you have to do is:

Go to settings > System > Advanced > Backup > Backup to Google Drive > Backup now

These few steps can assure your data is intact forever.

Final note

We believe that you will find the above listed data-recovery tips for Android phones helpful. A smartphone is a part of everyone’s daily life undoubtedly, and losing your precious data within your mobile device is definitely heart-wrenching. As a wise man said, “prevention is better than cure”, the same goes in line with keeping your device backed up in real-time in order to retrieve it anytime regardless of whatever happens to your device.

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