Why London’s Soho could be the ideal place for your office headquarters

Soho in London is a desirable location for many reasons. Since its peak in the swinging sixties, it has maintained its liveliness. walking through Soho, you will always find something new and exciting, from shopping malls to bars to live music. What about renting an office there? Is it worth it?


It turns out that Soho is just as good for running a business as it is for finding inspirational art or listening to some jazz. By renting an office in such a prime location as Soho, you can expect great things from your business. Here is why London’s Soho could be the ideal place for your office headquarters.

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Trendy office spaces

One of the best things about renting an office in Soho is that trendy spaces are abundant. Just check out theworkplacecompany.co.uk – you’ll see a range of attractive office spaces that any employee would love. Many of them fit the theme of Soho with their stunning architectural designs. The attractiveness of your office space matters, as the environment dramatically affects the mood of your employees. So, by taking advantage of the incredible office spaces in Soho with their wide windows and open plans (not to mention the stunning views), you are likely to improve employee satisfaction.

Access to top talent

When you set up an office in a prime location like Soho, you inevitably gain access to the best talent. The most talented individuals often flock to desirable areas like London to look for work that reflects their experience. So, whether you want a creative director or to build an entire marketing team, you are sure to find the best minds from all over the world willing to work in Soho.

Excellent transport links

Another great part of having your office headquarters in Soho is that there are excellent transport links, including buses and tube stations. Tottenham Court Road station, for example, runs the central, Elizabeth, and Northern lines. Soho also has both Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus lines nearby.

Easier collaboration

Collaborating with other businesses and hosting clients at your office becomes much easier when you choose a prime location like Soho. Plus, choosing a trendy office there makes a great impression – clients will be impressed by your desired location and attractive space, which will benefit your company’s reputation.

Social after-work opportunities

Having an office in the middle of nowhere means everyone is excited to leave at the end of the day. However, having an office somewhere like Soho means employees are more likely to want to stick around in the area. You can establish a better workplace culture by having your office on the doorstep of awesome bars and cafes like Soderberg Soho and Simmons Bar, as it creates more exciting after-work social opportunities.

Soho in London might be a little more expensive than other offices – especially those outside of London – but the benefits make up for that. If you can fit a Soho office into your budget, it’s definitely worth doing so and making it the business headquarters.

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