Why Universities Discourage the Use of ChatGPT for Coursework Writing?

The use of ChatGPT for coursework writing is considered a creative companion that helps students generate ideas and overcome writer’s block. It assists in formulating clear and concise research-based content. However, many universities have discouraged its use for writing coursework.


A report given by BBC News warns universities against the use of ChatGPT.

  • An essay was graded with only 53% marks where the examiner was fully aware that it had been generated with an AI tool.
  • The coursework modules written with AI tools were tagged “fishy”.

In another report given by Daily Mail, the use of Chat GPT by university students was called cheating.

  • 26% of teachers have already caught that at least one student is using ChatGPT for assignment writing.
  • Students may resort to “Technological regression” to battle AI cheating.

Now, the question is why this innovative helping tool is getting backlash from universities. In this guide, we will discuss the top reasons that compel institutions to ban the use of ChatGPT for coursework writing.

Top Reasons Universities Discourage the Use of ChatGPT

There is no doubt that the hype of the use of ChatGPT for coursework was all around from the time it was introduced in the market. It has made life easier. There was a time when you had to go through numerous resources and search each website manually to collect data.

Today, you just give the command to this AI tool and get the whole assignment done within seconds. Do you know that AI-generated content is alleged to have numerous tags, especially universities discouraging its use? Know the ChatGPT for coursework disadvantages below.

Furthermore, if you are stressed with an academic workload, one of the best alternatives to using a ChatGPT is asking for coursework writing help. All homework must be human-readable, which can’t be ensured by using these technology gadgets. And if you fear quality, then search for a renowned source in the market.

1. Lack of Personalisation

If you use ChatGPT for coursework, the content seems generic and disconnected. It makes it difficult to establish a meaningful connection with ideas. However, the academic writing must be written coherently and concisely. If your ideas are disorganized, how can you convince the reader to agree with the arguments you have presented in the body paragraphs?

2. Presence of Possible Bias

The ChatGPT for coursework writing is not free from errors and stereotypes. It can create content that can reinforce the biases and stereotypes for the readers. For instance, if you are a women’s rights activist writing about how domestic violence and abuse against women should be negated as a crime of humanity.

Now, giving certain relevant commands to ChatGPT can provide relevant information, but the statistical facts may not be accurate. Also, the viewpoint may differ from what you are trying to convey to the readers.

3. Unable to Understand Some Contexts

It must be clear that ChatGPT for coursework writing does not understand the contexts as humans do. It can provide helpful responses to your question, but it is optional that at every turn, it does understand your content. For many university students who just rely on pasting the coursework question in the command bar and generating assignments, the situation can be alarming.

For instance, if you asked about a historical event of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, you may understand it wrongly. It may state that the killer flooded the church instead of writing about Germans.

4. Diminishes Students Creativity

Relying too heavily on ChatGPT for coursework writing can hinder the artistic and creative skills of students. The learners relaying in the AI-generated ideas are suppressed to think their own. They just think within the dimension provided by ChatGPT.

Otherwise, they could brainstorm ideas to generate innovative and helpful aspects regarding the subject. In other words, it tempts the artistic mind of the students to skip the traditional skill-building process during coursework learning.

Can I Use ChatGPT for My Coursework?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT for coursework writing. However, its use in academic writing is considered plagiarism no matter from which source it generates information for you. You may fail the most crucial component of the paper as you did not put any effort into compiling your coursework.

Can Universities Detect AI Writing?

Yes, your professor can easily detect the AI-generated writing. As we have discussed above AI-generated ideas are not human-readable. There is a huge difference between what AI generates and what can be written by a university student.

Your professor can easily differentiate where you used ChatGPT for coursework. Other than that, there are certain tools available such as Turnitin that can easily detect the AI-generated content.

How To Write Your Coursework?

The coursework writing is a relatively easy task. Most of the students fear to write it on their that’s why they rely on AI tools. There is a basic coursework writing structure to follow. It may include,

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

After choosing a topic, you can start researching. For this purpose, look for the noticeable books, journals, and peer reviews of your subject. Also, don’t rush to write the whole document. Rather make some drafts first, do revisions, and then come up with the finest polished document that can presented for the final submission.

If tackling homework writing proves challenging, opting for coursework writing services can offer a more secure solution. Using ChatGPT alone may result in rejection. However, seeking expert assistance can provide you with a competitive advantage over your fellow learners.


ChatGPT for coursework writing is a common practice nowadays. Most of the students find it a better and easy alternative to writing their own. But universities demand your creativity rather than relying on AI-generated ideas. That’s why it has been banned from being used in universities.

Several biases or stereotypes have been linked to it. Most importantly, sometimes, you may need help to understand your context, and you may end up crafting the wrong assignment. Furthermore, the assistance of an academic writing expert is a good option rather than relying on AI tools.

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