Zoho CEO drives Mahindra Treo electric auto and offers suggestions

The CEO of India’s leading IT and software behemoth, Sridhar Vembu has recently shared feedback and suggestions after driving the new Mahindra Treo electric auto. Vembu tagged Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra in his tweet on Dec 6th. He denoted that the electric auto is capable of reaching 55km/hr speed with a range of 125km on a full charge.


The tweet said,

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“Yesterday I got my new @MahindraElctrc Treo electric auto. This one is a serious upgrade – capable of 55 km/hour speed and a range of 125 km on a full charge. That makes it a practical commute vehicle and I love driving it around! I have some suggestions @anandmahindra.”

In the second tweet, Vembu also said that the new electric auto can be a good family vehicle from the price point. And design modifications can make it look cool. He added that when he drives the auto on his rural roads, people ask him where to buy one.

“This electric auto form factor and the price point (take-home price under ₹3.5 lakhs) is a very affordable family vehicle. With volumes, prices can come down. Design can make this a really cool vehicle. When I drive my auto on rural roads, people ask me where to get one.”

Vembu continued in his third tweet – suggesting more design and colour variants, family and kid-friendly options. And advised Mahindra to come up with a cool marketing campaign to popularize the vehicle.

“Please offer a variety of designs and colours on the electric auto line. Offer family and kid-friendly options. Come up with a cool marketing campaign to popularize these low-cost electric vehicles. I see great potential for them. I love driving one!”

According to Mahindra Group, the Treo electric auto crossed 5,000 units sales in the country. The company claims that its electric auto is India’s first lithium-ion-operated three-wheeler with a life of over 1.50 lakh kilometres.

The electric three-wheeler range comes with a standard warranty of three years or 80,000 km, along with the option of an extended warranty of two years or 1 lakh km.

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