[Exclusive] 7 Indian Startups that made it to Crunchbase: 50 Hot Tech List

Crunchbase released its ‘50 Hot Tech Companies‘ list on June 20 – inculcating startups filtered on the basis of the following criteria:


Funding raised between $5 million to $20million in first half of 2019 and not exited via IPO or acquisition.

India being the 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world after US, made it to the second place in terms of the number of startups listed in this top 50 Hot Tech companies list too.

Let’s know about these startups…

Disclaimer: These startups have been listed in the descending order of funding amount raised by these startups till the date of publication of this article.

#1. BharatPe – Delhi

BharatPe Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

BharatPe is a QR code-based payment app for offline retailers and businesses. The New Delhi-based company also recently announced short-term credit options for merchants.

▸ Category: Apps, FinTech, Payments, QR Codes

▸ Founded: 2018

▸ Founders: Ashneer Grover, Shashvat Nakrani

▸ Total funding: $92.5 Million

▸ Key Investors: Insight Partners, BEENEXT, Sequoia Capital India

▸ Platform: BharatPe.com

#2. Spinny – Gurgaon, Haryana

Spinny Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

Spinny is a tech-powered new age used car buying platform enabling trustworthy and hassle-free transactions in used cars.

▸ Category: E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Internet, Retail

▸ Founded: 2015

▸ Founders: Mohit Gupta, Niraj Singh, Ramanshu Mahaur

▸ Total funding: $18.2 Million

▸ Key Investors: Accel, SAIF Partners, Blume Ventures

▸ Platform: Spinny.com

#3. Wooplr – Bengaluru

Wooplr Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

India’s largest social commerce platform, Wooplr is a free & easy way to start an online store used by 200K+ store owners.

▸ Category: E-Commerce, Fashion, Social Network, Social Shopping

▸ Founded: 19 Apr, 2018

▸ Founders: Ankit Sabharwal, Arjun Zacharia, Praveen Rajaretnam, Soumen Sarkar

▸ Total funding: $15.5 Million

▸ Key Investors: Helion Venture Partners, Sistema Asia Fund, Astarc Ventures

▸ Platform: wooplr.com

#4. Quickride – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Quickride Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

QuickRide offers Carpooling, Bike pooling and Ride-sharing service through its mobile app. It connects commuters traveling in the same direction in real time.

▸ Category: Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Ride Sharing, Travel

▸ Founded: 2014

▸ Founders: Kmm Rao

▸ Total funding: $14.3 Million

▸ Key Investors: Naspers

▸ Platform: quickride.in

#5. FreshtohomeBengaluru, Karnataka

Freshtohome Raises $11 Mn from UAE's CE-Ventures

Freshtohome is an online retailer of fresh and chemical-free seafood and meat. Originally founded as ‘SeaToHome’ in 2012 by Kochi, Kerala-based entrepreneur Mathew Joseph and got shut down in 2015. Relaunched by Shan Kadavil (the former India Head, Zynga Inc.) in 2016.

▸ Category: Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Online Portals

▸ Founded: 01 Aug, 2016

▸ Founders: Shan Kadavil

▸ Total funding: $11 Million

▸ Key Investors: Kortschak Investments, L.P., CE Ventures (CEIIF)

▸ Platform: Freshtohome

#6. Ftcash – Mumbai, Maharashtra

ftcash Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

Ftcash is one of India’s fastest growing financial technology venture, recognized by Forbes, which aims to empower micro-merchants and small businesses through financial inclusion using digital payments and loans.

▸ Category: Apps, Banking, Financial Services, FinTech, Micro Lending, Mobile Payments, Payments

▸ Founded: Jun, 2015

▸ Founders: Deepak Kothari, Sanjeev Chandak, Vaibhav Lodha

▸ Total funding: $10.2 Million

▸ Key Investors: Accion, FMO, 500 Startups, IvyCap Ventures

▸ Platform: ftcash.com

#7. Fyle – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Fyle Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech Companies

Fyle is an AI-powered digital transaction platform that focuses on business expense reporting and management for tech companies. It inculcates deep linking, deep learning features to manage transaction loads.

▸ Category: Accounting, Business Information System, Business Travel, Finance, SaaS

▸ Founded: 16 Feb, 2016

▸ Founders: Sivaramakrishnan Narayan, Yashwanth Madhusudhan

▸ Total funding: $5.9 Million

▸ Key Investors: Tiger Global Management, BEENEXT, Pravega Ventures

▸ Platform: fylehq.com

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