[Exclusive] 4 MENA-based Startups in Crunchbase: 50 Hot Tech List 2019

4 MENA-based Startups in Crunchbase: 50 Hot Tech List 2019
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Crunchbase released its ‘50 Hot Tech Companies‘ list on June 20 – inculcating startups filtered on the basis of the following criteria:

Funding raised between $5 million to $20million in first half of 2019 and not exited via IPO or acquisition.

While the list is dominated by US-based startups, followed by India; but the good thing is, 4 startups from MENA region, one from Dubai and three from Israel also made it to the list.

Here’s to the list of MENA-based startups listed in Crunchbase’s 50 Hot Tech companies 2019 list.

Disclaimer: These startups have been listed in the descending order of funding amount raised by these startups till the date of publication of this article.

#1. Aleph Farms – HaMerkaz, Israel

Aleph Farms Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech List 2019

Aleph Farms is shaping the future of food by producing cell-grown meat that resembles free-range meat. Aleph Farms is a startup co-founded in 2017 by Israeli food-tech incubator, The Kitchen.

▸ Category: Food and Beverage, Food Processing

▸ Date Founded: 01 Feb, 2016

▸ Founders: Didier Toubia

▸ Total funding: $14.4 Million

▸ Key Investors: VisVires New Protein

▸ Platform: aleph-farms.com

#2. Flytrex – Tel Aviv, Israel

Flytrex Farms Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech List 2019

Flytrex Aviation offers tailored, end-to-end drone delivery solutions based on its proprietary cloud technology.

▸ Category: Delivery, Drones, Robotics, Software

▸ Date Founded: 01 Nov, 2013

▸ Founders: Amit Regev, Yariv Bash

▸ Total funding: $11 Million

▸ Key Investors: Benhamou Global Ventures, Armada Investment AG, VI Partners AG

▸ Platform: flytrex.com

#3. QEDIT – Tel Aviv, Israel

QEDIT Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech List 2019

Launched in 2017 at TechCrunch Berlin in 2017, QEDIT uses zero-knowledge blockchain to keep client data private and at the same time share proofs about these data with partners and competitors in the ecosystem.

▸ Category: Blockchain, Information Technology, Network Security

▸ Founded: 2016

▸ Founders: Aviv Zohar, Jonathan Rouach, Ruben Arnold

▸ Total funding: $10 Million

▸ Key Investors: MizMaa Ventures

▸ Platform: qed-it.com

#4. LUNCH:ON – Dubai, UAE


LUNCH:ON Crunchbase 50 Hot Tech List 2019

Lunch:on is an online platform that offers delivery services to corporations and their employees. Dubai-based, Lunch:on partners with local restaurants to offer curated meals at discounted prices with free delivery.

▸ Category: E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing, Information Technology, Location Based Services

▸ Founded: 01 Feb, 2016

▸ Founders: Dana Baki, Mohammad Al Zaben

▸ Total funding: $6 Million

▸ Key Investors: Global Ventures, Wamda Capital, Shorooq Investments,

▸ Platform: lunchon.ae

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