[Exclusive] Biogreen develops a transparent biodegradable face mask

Bengaluru, India-based biotechnology startup Biogreen today told LAFFAZ that the company has successfully developed a biodegradable and transparent face mask.


Core cognition behind the biodegradable face mask

Developing a face mask amid the COVID-19 situation obvious, but when it comes to Biogreen’s biodegradable mask that is transparent, has an absolute ground.

1. 55% of communication is visual

Traditional masks block faces and prevent our ability to see facial expressions and emotions, catch visual cues, and communicate.

2. Ability to observe expressions

Facial expressions are important for perceived empathy and building rapport, which can reduce confusion and improve relationships. The transparency and comfort from the mask provides a natural, empathetic communication and eliminates barriers caused by traditional masks.

3. Other benefits

Unlike other masks, Biogreen’s transparent mask allows communicating better as the complete face is visible even after having the mask on – making communication more human, natural, and accessible. Transparent, see-through masks are important for so many people, including

  • Deaf and hard of hearing individuals
  • Women with makeup
  • Older people
  • People who may not speak the same language
  • Interpreters and translators
  • People experiencing confusion, stress, or anxiety
  • Children
  • Immunosuppressed people and their caretakers
  • Essential employees
  • Workers in noisy environments
  • Anyone who wants to wear a face mask for protection

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Wajiha Wahab
Wajiha Wahab

Part of the editorial team at LAFFAZ, Delhiite by birth, Wajiha possesses a keen interest in reading about startups, accumulating information and presenting the same to the audience impressively.
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