Briar Prestidge to lead “Double Your Instagram, Double Your Business” Workshop at WIL Forum 2019

Briar Prestidge is back at this years’ WIL Forum to facilitate her popular workshop “Double Your Instagram, Double Your Business”. The workshop is centred around today’s digital age in which both organizations and professionals can use Instagram to build a community, brand awareness, increased media and speaking inquirers, and more sales. 


The workshop will be held on 28 October 2019 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM GST as a part of WIL Economic Forum MENA 2019 at SkyView Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In this workshop Briar will give you actionable no-fluff strategy:

  • How to position your personal and company brand.
  • How to create an engaging content strategy.
  • Growth tactics to market your brand and grow a following.

About Briar Prestidge

A qualified digital marketer and communications professional with an international career spanning over NYC, Dubai, London, Australia and NZ, Briar Prestidge is the founder of a PR agency, Briar Prestidge International, working with high profile leaders and production agency, Frank City Films. In 2019, she was an associate producer and also competed in a global reality Amazon Prime TV show ‘The Social Movement‘ similar to The Apprentice, which will air in 2020. Briar also runs the popular Dubai-based talk show, The Deals in High Heels Show and is currently designing a corporate suit label for businesswomen. Briar also has a podcast, digital video series and speaks on stages all over the world about how leaders can build their influence, online and offline. Her book ‘Building a Reputation for the Modern CEO’ will be out this year.

About WILForum

In 2009, the inaugural Women in Leadership Economic Forum broke new ground in the Middle East by offering a platform for women leaders to gather, build valuable connections and advance the gender parity discussion in the workplace.

Since then, the forum has travelled to Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia and India, and evolved to a global economic forum, bringing together men and women from both private and public sector, across all industries, with a common vision of building sustainable and inclusive economies and societies.

While staying committed to its initial objective to champion gender diversity, the WIL Economic Forum now shines a light on several imperatives such as the inclusion of the youth and people with determination, social impact, entrepreneurship, arts and culture, innovation and technology, education and philanthropy.

Endorsed by the UAE Minister of Economy, the forum is bringing together 600+ like-minded individuals from around the world, to shape the economy of tomorrow.

This year, the 21st edition of WIL Economic Forum invites all participants to DARE TO BUILD A BETTER FUTURE, to lead in times of constant change with vision and courage, to learn from those organizations that are closing the gender gap and to build a community of game-changers.

For more information or questions, please email [email protected]

Source: Deals in High Heels

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