From New York to Dubai: Tirazain Unites Global Communities Through Palestinian Embroidery

Tirazain, the pioneering digital archive and library dedicated to preserving Palestinian embroidery, unites a diverse community spanning the UAE, the U.S., Europe, and beyond. By honoring the profound legacy of Palestinian heritage, Tirazain fosters not only cultural pride and resilience but also a profound sense of belonging that surpasses geographical borders.


From the urban buzz of New York to the lively art scene of Melbourne, Tirazain has sparked a global nurturing dynamic community of individuals eager to immerse themselves in the rich tradition of Palestinian embroidery. Enthusiasts from various corners of the world, whether in Jordan, the UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Cyprus, the UK, Canada or the U.S., share experiences, stories, and traditions. Tirazain fosters cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of shared historical contexts. Tirazain Designs are used in workshops and collaborations, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of belonging rooted in the shared interest of its community.

In summary, Tirazain is a Palestinian embroidery (Tatreez) archive that exhibits 1,000+ designs and ancient patterns that are available for anybody across the UAE and many other markets.

“In Tirazain, we believe in the power of community to preserve and celebrate our shared heritage. Tatreez artists around the world are featuring Tatreez patterns digitized and preserved by Tirazain at Tatreez in-person workshops and virtual courses. Their stories embody Tirazain’s mission: empowering individuals to celebrate Palestinian heritage through art.” Zain Masri, Founder of Tirazain

Zain Masri, a Palestinian Tech Executive has been honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient for her dedication to cultural preservation.

For young Palestinians, Tirazain is more than just a digital archive; it’s a bridge connecting them with their cultural heritage. By celebrating embroidery beyond mere art, Tirazain cultivates cultural pride and resilience, emphasizing the role of heritage in shaping identity and narrative. Through the platform, individuals rediscover their roots, gaining a deeper understanding of the significance of Palestinian embroidery in preserving history and identity.

Founded in 2021, Tirazain is recognized by UNESCO as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’, Palestinian embroidery symbolizes national pride and socio-economic development. Tirazain, serving as a pioneering digital archive, ensures accessibility to these cherished patterns, fostering a shared repository of cultural wealth and creativity. Additionally, Tirazain’s international acclaim, highlighted by its Bronze Anthem Award at The Webby Awards in 2023, reinforces its impactful engagement in education, art, and culture. This recognition extends far beyond Palestine, showcasing Tirazain’s global relevance and influence.

Tatreez is a cherished art form and an income source for Palestinians. Tirazain was created to preserve the design & stories told by Palestinian women through their embroidery.

Palestinian and Arab expat communities are already benefitting from sharing new design collaborations including practitioners in New York and artisans in Jordan blending Tatreez with calligraphy. Besides this, the youth of notable cities including London and San Diego are also engaging and discovering new ways to learn about their Palestinian heritage.

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