Indian actress Anveshi Jain on TEDx – 5 things we learnt

The Gandi Baat Season 2 actress Anveshi Jain took the internet like wildfire ever since she appeared in the series. The actress became the most searched woman in India on Google last year. But glamour and a career in TV aren’t everything that makes Anveshi passionate great and known.


Back in February, Anveshi appeared at TEDxGLAU and unveiled the unfortunate scenarios from her childhood – revealing how she grew up fighting with all of it, then starting a business that failed, her learnings, and everything that made her achieve what she dreamt – pushing her to the place where she stands today.

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Learnings from Anveshi on TEDxGLAU

Anveshi’s TEDx caught millions of eyes and reached virality pretty quick, people came up with their respective reviews and learnings, so am I.

Learning #1: Being emotionally attached to your goals is not bad

As I believe ever since I started my career, data and numbers are important in business and are required to establish affirmation in the eyes of the customers and investors. But investing emotionally into your startup, initiative or anything that you do is always required, it keeps you motivated even when you haven’t made your thing profitable yet.

Learning #2: Your degree shouldn’t limit your potential

Anveshi holds degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, but what she does now is something we all know. She is indeed a great example of a female engineer turned model or actress, and that too, a successful one. When we go for a job, we are judged or evaluated on the basis of our experience, educational qualification and percentile. But here what we witness is a woman who quickly set her roadmap to becoming what she was passionate about – whilst surpassing health problems and a number of other hardships of life.

Learning #3: We are human beings, not just business owners or workers

Everybody perceives messages differently, well I too have gone through her speech multiple times and got this thing set into my mind. Anveshi reflects the human side of management, notably, self-management. As you must have heard her saying ‘I’ll never be this broke again’ in the middle of the video. She got her business broke, got cancer and many other unfortunate scenarios but found solace in smiling. And you should follow the same approach in business or entrepreneurship as well, not just for achieving business goals, but to become a better version of yourself.

Learning #4: Your health matters most

In the second quarter of the speech, Anveshi talks about her health problem i.e. breast cancer which she dealt with at an early age. She always managed to go for scheduled checks and that didn’t interfere with her dreams and measures of chasing goals. In the last quarter, she talks about her 90-day transformation. She underwent the 90 days workout to be accepted as a model. After that, not only did she get selected for a role in Balaji Telefilms but also witnessed a healthier self the same time. The approach of being healthy should be applied in every counterpart of life, whether it is a profession, business or anything else. It gets you in shape, healthier and more confident.

Learning #5: Rejection is redirection

Anveshi Jain in her TEDx talk lays emphasis on rejection. She shared how she turned rejection into stepping stones and called it redirection instead. She faced trouble from many people, including her parents both directly and indirectly, but that didn’t stop her. And I believe everybody is capable of doing it if they are really passionate about their goals.

Over to you

So these are my learnings from Anveshi Jain’s TEDxGLAU. Want to share yours? The comment section below awaits your response.

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