[Exclusive] LimeTray – offering 30% discount on its Online Delivery Solution for Restaurants in the Middle East amid COVID-19

Featured image: LimeTray founder Akhilesh Bali; Credits: LimeTray


▸ A 30 percent discount would be given to restaurants in all Middle East countries including UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, and Kuwait

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The Gurugram, India-based LimeTray that offers full-stack restaurant management solutions has reportedly announced that it will be giving a discount on its core offering – the online delivery solution for restaurants.

The company will waive-off the set-up fee and also provide 30 percent discount to the restaurants in all Middle East countries which include UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, and Kuwait. LimeTray’s decision came as a move to off-load the burden for restaurant owners as they are witnessing a steep reduction in order volumes amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

LimeTray’s online order platform will help the restaurant owners to set-up their own order and delivery platform without getting overly dependent on the third-party aggregators for generating and delivering orders. On the other hand, customers will be able to place orders online and make payments seamlessly via safe payment gateways and get access to contactless delivery options.

Talking to LAFFAZ about the twofold benefit of LimeTray’s online order platform, Akhilesh Bali, co-founder of LimeTray said,

“An online ordering platform and contactless delivery solutions will make a restaurant’s delivery service quick, safe and easy. Additionally, customers would be able to choose how they want their orders to be delivered.”

Bali also affirmed that the launch of this product comes at the back of lockdowns imposed across the nations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. And the restaurants can definitely aid their problems and boost business by quickly leveraging online ordering platforms.

“Getting more orders online is the need of the hour. More and more restaurants must establish their presence online as customers are now increasing their screen time. Having their own online platform would help restaurants get more business and fare better in these testing times.” says Akhilesh to LAFFAZ

About Limetray

Founded in 2013 by Akhilesh Bali and Piyush Jain, LimeTray is a SaaS food-tech company providing full-stack restaurant management solutions. The restaurant management platform brings together modern food-tech technologies such as online ordering portals, automated CRM, front-of-house and back-of-house software. At present, the company has helped over 5000 restaurants across India, the Middle East and the US grow their business including Burger King, Oregano, Applebee’s, Freshii, Curry Box, Russo’s among others.

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