From Lounge Access Credit Cards to Credit Cards Against FD – 5 types of Credit Cards to apply for



Credit cards are now synonymous with everyday spending. Be it for making travel bookings, buying groceries, refuelling your car or online shopping, a credit card can surely make life easier. However, with many credit cards available in the market today, picking the right one can be tricky. As every credit card is designed to serve a particular purpose, you should choose the one that would best suit your needs.

Here are some of the most widely opted-for credit cards that offer various benefits ranging from lounge access to rewards and cashback. Check out their features and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

1. Credit card against FD

Did you know that your FDs are not just a safe mode of investment, but they can also be used to get yourself a credit card? Yes, that’s right. You can use your Fixed Deposit as collateral and get a credit card, which is also called a secured credit card.

The dual advantage that comes with a credit card against an FD is that, on the one hand, your FD keeps gaining interest, and on the other hand, you can get rewards/ points on using your credit card. Another significant benefit of having a credit card against an FD is that such cards charge a lower interest rate as compared to unsecured credit cards. Take a look at some of the best credit cards against FDs:

  • Axis Bank credit card against FD
  • ICICI Bank credit card against FD
  • Bank of Baroda credit card against FD

2. Shopping Credit Cards

As the name suggests, your shopping crest card is for shopping. Equally convenient for retail as well as online shopping, these cards offer an array of benefits every time you swipe them. From every day groceries to big purchases, you can buy just about anything using this credit card. Top credit cards partner with the best stores and offer benefits in the form of cashback, rewards, gift vouchers and discounts.

Pick the best shopping credit card for yourself from:

  • Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card
  • SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card
  • HSBC Cashback Credit Card

3. Lounge Access Credit Cards

As the world gets back on track post-covid, travellers are back to making the most of their credit cards. And for frequent flyers, lounge access credit cards are a value-added service that is very handy. Along with air miles and rewards on travel bookings, lounge access credit cards allow a number of complimentary lounge access benefits at a long list of domestic and even international airports.

There are many companies that offer a big chunk of air miles as a welcome gift with their lounge access credit cards. Here are some of them:

  • SBI Elite Credit Card
  • Citi Premier Miles Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

4. Students Credit Card

Over the past few years, students credit cards have become rather popular. These cards are targeted toward senior students and designed to offer well-suited features for a student’s everyday expenses. Generally, these cards are very easy to apply for and do not require too much paperwork. When used correctly, a student can start to build a stronger credit score and thus, reap more benefits in the future. While these cards come with a lower credit limit, they offer multiple perks in the form of discounts and cash-back rewards.

Here are some of the best student credit cards:

  • ICICI Coral Contactless Credit Card
  • SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card
  • Kotak 811 Credit Card

5. Business Credit Cards

Designed specifically for business use, these cards are ideal for big and small entrepreneurs. These credit cards allow a smooth distinction between personal and business expenses. You can have a business credit card for your employees as well. With secure transactions, the added advantage is not having to keep cash with you. Paying bills, making purchases, and viewing statements become more straightforward and totally hassle-free with the right credit card.

Some of the most popular Business Credit cards are:

  • HDFC Business MoneyBack Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Business Advantage Credit Card
  • Axis Bank My Business Credit Card

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the right credit card is crucial as the benefits go a long way. There are plenty of cards available out there that offer diverse features and benefits. Chalking out your needs and expectations from a credit card will help you in narrowing down on a few most suitable credit cards for yourself. So, make up your mind whether you need a student credit card or a card that offers you the best air miles. In case you need both, apply for both!

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