[Magazine] MENA Top 35 Power Businesswomen 2020

Here’s to the very first magazine issue by LAFFAZ ‘MENA Top 35 Power Businesswomen 2020’. Primarily, we would like to thank our esteemed knowledge partners for their association and knowledge-sharing on how startups and investors can sustain amid the COVID-19 situation and suppress its impact.

[Magazine] MENA Top 35 Power Businesswomen 2020 Cover

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Knowledge Partners


Special thanks to the interviewees for their generous effort to answer our questions and sharing their valuable tips for startup founders and investors.

Ramesh Jagannathan, NYUAD Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship & Managing Director of startAD

Laila Hassan, Principal – 500 Startups

Marwa Aleskafi, Head of Program – Brinc MENA

Ambar Amleh, COO – Ibtikar Fund

Habib Hazzan, Managing Gen. Partner – Ibtikar Fund


We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude towards our sponsors which include some of the most promising and innovative startups from the MENA region.

About the Magazine: MENA Top 35 Power Businesswomen 2020

The following issue encompasses a list of 35 Most Powerful Businesswomen of MENA (Middle East & North Africa), based on not just the net worth but a number of other significant factors including influence, impact on the business ecosystem, noteworthy work and initiatives taken by these women.

The magazine is a joint output of over a month’s of effort and research laid down by the whole LAFFAZ Media team and the root idea of Pradeep Singh, the CTO & Co-founder that triggered his mind after the great success of one of our previous features ‘35 Most Influential Women of MENA-2020’.

Being the first issue by LAFFAZ, the magazine and its content exhibit a lot of emotional investment and our focus towards creating something worthwhile for every reader, especially women and youth having ambitions and desire to make a mark irrespective of the industries or geographies they belong to.

What’s Inside?

▸ Interviews with MENA startup ecosystem enablers – sharing ways for startups to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

▸ 35 top businesswomen and their career highlights to inspire the new, budding and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women.

▸ Startup Story of the Year: The Uber-Careem Deal

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M Haseeb
M Haseeb

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