Is tourism in Pakistan safe?

When people hear the word “Pakistan”, negative ideas and images instantly enter into their heads. Some people have even gone as far as coining ridiculous advice like, “If  a country name ends with “tan,” you shouldn’t go there.” Behind the smokescreen that the media has portrayed over the past thirteen years, Pakistan is an enchanting country with many natural beauties and historical monuments waiting for you. Even Europeans are adoring Pakistan tourism these days.


It definitely has more to offer than the terrorists and guns and bombs, that seem to be all the media can show sometimes for views and ratings. Instead, start to picture new gastronomies waiting for you, and enough cultural sights to keep any art lover busy for a lifetime.

To make my opinion bright and clear, I have listed down a some points descriptively as:

Europeans are adoring pakistan Tourism

Pakistan, a Beautiful Country with Hospitable People

Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

Pakistan has a wide range of hiking peaks and is home to some of the Mughal Empire’s most impressive monuments, but the most incredible feature of Pakistan is its people’s hospitality. Also, it is important to point out that Pakistanis in big cities usually speak fluent English as it is one of the official languages in the Islamic Republic. Knowing this, tourists should bear in mind that traveling the country might not be as difficult as first thought.

Before visiting, it is important to brief yourself about the country’s culture, history, and politics to shake off previous conceptions of the country’s bad press and start to build a new picture from scratch. This will also help to understand their culture and traditions better. It is important to note that in conservative country like Pakistan it is of utmost importance to respect their beliefs and traditions as one indulges in sight seeing. By the end of your trip, you will see things differently and understand Pakistani culture from a different point of view. 

Safety and Security in Pakistan

In terms of security and safety, like in any developing country, there are some areas to avoid for both locals and foreigners. Before pondering your head on this fact, we must consider that every country houses some unsafe areas and highlighting this in case of Pakistan isn’t justified.

In Pakistan, every unsafe areas like tribal areas, Azad Kashmir, and Balochistan. The capital, Islamabad is surprisingly calm but full of security checkpoints greeted by officers armed with assault rifles. These checkpoints are mainly located on major access points and avenues near government offices, embassies, and tourist attractions. The funny part is that they all have signs saying “sorry for the inconvenience.” Surprisingly, the Pakistani capital feels safer and more under control than some cities in Latin America; unbelievable, isn’t it?

Liberty Market Lahore - Laffaz Media
Liberty Market, Lahore

People in Lahore are more surprised by seeing foreign visitors than in the capital, perhaps because it is a city where the mindsets of urban and rural Pakistan come together. However, Karachi, with its more than 20 million inhabitants and an overwhelming sense of importance, can be quite intimidating. It is recommendable that you stay in touch with a local that is able to show you the safer areas.

There are few places in Pakistan where it is not safe to visit. These are well-known to the tourist industry and visitors diverted from them. The security services are likewise careful not to allow visitors to stray into unsafe areas. But a truth rarely acknowledged is that most of the country is safe for local and foreign travelers to move around in.

Blending in with the Locals

Despite of being an Islamic country, women can feel at ease when wearing jeans and a loose shirt while they are visiting the major cities of Pakistan, like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Inhabitants from these metropolitan areas are far more exposed to Western influence and are more accustomed to foreign visitors. However, women can encounter penetrating stares from locals. This phenomenon might have something to do with cultural differences. It isn’t strange for locals to approach tourists and ask for a picture or two, especially when you are a woman.

The locals take great pride in their culture and will not hesitate to answer your queries and show you around. To make this point even more evident, you might want to read Pakistanis seem to love Indians. Do Indians feel the same way?

So, is it Safe to Travel in Pakistan or not?

Just like any other country around the world, Pakistan has had its own share of political instability and turmoil. While it is still a developing Asian nation and has not advanced as much as the Western nations; it is important to take note of the fact that it is progressing for better future as each day goes by. While there are corrupt elements in the country that tarnish the image of such a beautiful nation; we must keep in mind that not every aspect of the nation is evil.

Over to you

Based on my research on Pakistan tourism, I’ve shared all this information with you. Let us know about your opinion. Also, if you’ve ever visited Pakistan and would like to share your experiences, use the comments section below to share your opinions!

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